New Google X Phone rumor: 4.8-inch sapphire display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, 4000mAh battery, November launch

March 25, 2013

Motorola X Phone

A new Google X Phone rumor provides new details about the future Motorola handset, further confusing potential customers ahead of its launch.

Since before the Galaxy S4 became official, more and more X Phone rumors have started to hit the web, although we have no clear image of what the X Phone will have to offer.

Today’s report says that the X Phone will arrive at some point in November, in time for the holiday season – not June or July as previous rumors have suggested – and that the handset will feature some high-end features including a 4.8-inch display protected by sapphire glass instead of good old Gorilla Glass, a 2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and a 4000mAh battery.

The X Phone will be water resistant and it will sport a carbon fiber back case, with rubber bumpers placed in its corners.

Naturally, none of these details can be confirmed at this time, so keep holding on to that grain of salt until we have something official for you.

Interestingly, the report doesn’t say anything about customizable hardware. Previous reports indicated that the X Phone will be a family of handsets supposed to take on similar rivals, like the Galaxy S line, and that the devices won’t necessarily be flagship devices. Moreover, those articles claimed that the Google will let users customize certain hardware aspects including ROM, storage and color.

Such personalization features got even more attention a few days ago when Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki sort of implied via a short Google+ comment that future handsets could come with hardware customization options, although a following report from a different source said that the X Phone will not be customizable.

Today’s rumor talks about high-end feature that clearly make the X Phone a flagship device, and it will be interesting to see how much such a handset will cost, especially considering that the X Phone was previously said to come with budget-friendly pricing.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground on this one, as these rumors are definitely not ready to paint a clear X Phone picture. At the same time, we certainly expect more Google X Phone rumors to arrive in time for Google I/O 2013, which is where we expect to see this device announced.

What would you like to see in this future Motorola-made Google phone?


  • Faiz

    Total bullshit…

    • arcwindz

      I agree lol, it’s not like that it’s not great, but since when companies give everything consumer wants in a product

    • Adam Eldin

      Don’t underestimate Google, they have a lot of leverage under all these supply companies such as Qualcomm. If it weren’t for Android, you wouldn’t hear the words, “Snapdragon” or “Gorilla Glass”

      • chris

        I’m an Android fanboy but if i’m not mistaken wasn’t Apple the first to use Gorilla Glass on the iphone?

        • Adam Eldin

          Yup, but have you ever heard Apple mention the words gorilla glass? ‘cept for the iphone 1 keynote in 2007

          • chris

            Just like they mention Samsung inards for the iphone line lol

    • Ryan S

      remember it’s not the final phone features and hardware yet :p

  • @stephenhau

    If it sounds too good to be true…

    • K.

      specially the sapphire glass part which is much more expensive than Gorilla glass.

      • @stephenhau

        It’s the giant battery, water resistance, other spectacular specs AND November delivery that sound suspect to me. That said, the market has leapt ahead lately, so we may well be eating our words by Q4 2013 or Q1 2014.

        • K.

          True but the battery seems plausible. Motorola always have large batteries. Google have already said that battery life and great camera (I think that this was about Nexus devices however).

        • Ivan Myring

          I think these specs and release date would be better for a nexus 5 not x phone.

  • Soonershooter

    my moto atrix/atrix2 (2 of them) turned out to be such a piece of junk, i wouldnt buy this anyways..

  • Gunny Wallen

    I’ll bet it poops rainbows too. Look at all these rumors surrounding me every day….

    • itznfb

      I just need some time
      Some time to get away from
      From all these rumors
      I can’t take it no more

  • Robson Augusto

    This would be awesome… would be…

  • Ginger

    Sapphire creates purple flare so screen will be rubbish. GS4 for me (hopefully Octa!).

  • Alejandro L. Zuvic

    It sounds like they grabbed all the rumors about patents, upcoming features, new CPUs, new materials, etc. and then they put them together in a big unique rumor. The only feature it lacks right now is solar charging…

    Does anybody really believe in these specs?

    • TechNewsFails

      More rumors, more articles, better the specs on rumors(even if wrong), better traffic. That’s how tech news sites roll these days

    • Nate Borup

      Not only did they grab all the rumors to put together… they put together each of the best specs from those rumors

  • Jim

    We can still dream…

  • Cao Meo

    The better part is such a phone can be bought for $300, or even less?

  • Kiran Kumar

    Launch date seems to be little too late for moto.By then it will be year end,all the chipset manufacturers will come up with new one & this will be the old one agn. That aint working!

  • Kevin Hill

    Please stop all the rumors. You’re the ruining reputation of both Google and Motorola this way.Just wait a month and a half and find out then.

    • Ivan Myring

      Cant wait… Gonna make more rumours….
      Mwah hah hah hah

  • Adi-Karta Dasa

    SuperAmoled+HD please!

  • Rodrigo Freijanes

    4000mAh smartphone in 4.8″ screen? Wow!

  • MasterMuffin


    • Justin Rebar

      You dont say…

      • MasterMuffin

        I do

  • nobody

    “What would you like to see in this future Motorola-made Google phone ?”

    – unlocked bootloader.
    – micro sdcard slot.

  • Ivan Myring

    I see this phone and… I jizz in my pants

  • Ivan Myring

    I think they have got confused between the nexus 5 and x phone leaks

  • cycad007

    Essentially, the rumors are just summing up all the best features of existing phones. No way its going to be “Nexus-cheap” if the phone + rumors are true.

  • Justin Rebar

    Just take my money…

  • King7Dom

    Now we will see about the price