Google X Phone to be followed by 3 other Motorola non-Nexus handsets this year, new report reveals

by: Chris SmithMarch 29, 2013


Google X Phone rumors are hitting from left and right this time of year, on an almost daily basis. A new report is now claiming that the X Phone will not be Google’s only Motorola-made this year, not that we’d be surprised to hear Moto is working on more Droids for 2013.

Phone Arena says that Motorola will have three other devices in stores later this year that will not be part of the X Phone or Nexus families.

Not many details are available for these devices, other than that two of them would be launched in the third quarter, one bigger and the other one smaller, while a third model will be available in the following quarter.

The latter “may be offered unlocked at a price point that may be lower than the Nexus 4,” although that feature alone won’t make it a Nexus phone. Will Moto also design a Nexus handset this year? While yesterday’s report seems to suggest that’s a possibility, today’s X Phone-related story says that there’s no indication that any of these three other Motorola Android phones will come with Nexus branding.

Moreover, the publication says, once again, that the X Phone will not come with hardware customization features, which is what the latest X Phone rumor also said, and that the “release window has always been for late June or July for the handset, so there has been no delay,” as previously suggested.

We’ll remind you that these are all unconfirmed details at this point, and we have no way of telling whether they’re real or not. We’ll certainly be back with more reports on upcoming Motorola devices, X Phone included, but in the mean time tell us what kind of Motorola-made phone you’d like to buy from Google this year.

  • Hmmm… 3 moto phones, with one smaller. Sounds a lot like refreshes of the M, Razr and Maxx.

  • I remember hearing the concept that the further away from the future, the more difficult it is to predict. I’m thinking we wait 5 weeks (you know, right before the actual event), and start accepting predictions then. Otherwise, we’re gonna be influenced by incorrect information and loose interest in the xPhone.

  • swtrainer

    I’d never own another Motorola phone. They are about the slowest OS upgraders out there.

    • ummmm….guess you didnt hear who bought motorola…

    • YourFriend

      Obviously you haven’t been paying attention to the amount of devices they’ve updated to Jelly Bean over the past few months.

    • OrdinaryAmerican

      AT&T and the htc One X are actually slower. My next phone will be a Nexus.

    • Martin Martinkrists

      Nope! slowest OS upgraders is LG, i have 4x hd and still not have JB

  • Hanshen Jordan

    really? nexus device with a brand logo above the screen? that’s going to sucks then

    • This isn’t likely the one we’ll see sold in stores.

      • Hanshen Jordan


  • Mike Bastable

    Prediction: motorola dead within 12 months from today. Google continues Nexus brand outside Motorola, which remains as patent portfolio. Future Nexus devices are higher priced, to avoid Android disintegration ( the manufacturers of non- nexus phones need a profit margin)…
    …Samsung to heavy promote Tizen via ultra high-end launch phone. WinMo dead. Nokia >Android within 6 months. Apple remains the same.
    All in all 2013 is gonna be a battlefield with loads of major casualties: sony Lg and Nokia are all on thin ice. Moto is already irrelevant, despite its owner.
    Happy Easter and watch G.oT tonite.

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    I would like Motorola to release a 5 inch smartphone. I haven’t bought a phablet since they’ve been releasing from other companies. And they should put a better cameras in their smartphones. Cameras which are better than the ones in the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and the Nokia Lumia 920.
    Motorola has been updating their devices faster then before till now.
    Motorola is the best smartphone manufacturer in my opinion since they launched the Atrix HD, Droid Razr HD and Droid Razr HD MAXX last year.