Google’s X Lab to announce a new project “in the coming month”

by: Brad WardMarch 15, 2013


Google’s secret X Lab is nothing short of amazing. The company is responsible for stunning products like Google Glass, self-driving cars and 16,000-core neural network that works like a virtual brain. Despite the company’s output being sporadic, Google’s X lab could be getting ready to unveil something new that could be ready for a launch soon.

Speaking at SXSW and reported on by GigaOm, Google’s Astro Teller detailed the Google X lab, but more interestingly revealed that we should be expecting an announcement of a new discovery “in the coming month.”

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There is, of course, a lot of speculation surrounding Teller’s statement, including Andy Rubin stepping down as head of Android. AllThingsD reports that Andy Rubin isn’t likely to join Google’s X Lab though, as he wants to work on robotics and home automation, which seems to relate to Android @ Home.

We’re just going to have to sit back and relax until we hear an official announcement from the Mountain View-based company of what this new discovery is. The chances of finding out what it is aren’t likely. Google’s X Lab works on 100 projects at a time before allowing the public to glimpse their eyes on even one of those projects.

  • dogulas

    I can’t even imagine. Not even a clue what this could be. Exciting.
    Where is there a space for something new in tech?

  • Watch?

  • Alex Bowers

    Hmm, i sense the word ‘discovery’ is important here. I don’t think it is something technical, as in, product based. But more, theoretical, that can be applied to products.

    I hope its something like the graphene battery, or a way to make wireless charging efficient.

    • I reckon you are right about the significance of the word “discovery”, and, based on that, my guess would be something related to augmented reality.

  • Bone

    Life on Mars?

  • So Andy Ruben is going to take over Glass and Sergey will move on to other things.

  • Sipho Theodore Khumalo

    It will be a new kind of data connection. Lightning fast and everywhere accessable from launchday one. A gamechanging Technology that would be huge