Google Wireless Charging Orb announced for the LG Nexus 4

by: Andrew GrushOctober 29, 2012

Google Wireless Charging Orb

The LG Nexus 4 is now official. While we knew just about every feature coming to the new Nexus smartphone, its support of wireless charging is probably one of the coolest things about the Nexus 4. The wireless charging system will work with a new optional device Google is calling the Wireless Charging Orb.

As far as design aesthetics are concerned, Google basically took a sphere and sliced it in half. From there Google utilizes some kind of magnetic technology to allow the Nexus 4 to dock to itself at an angle. Not only does this look awesome, it serves a real purpose as well. When docked to the orb, the Nexus 4 will go into its new DayDream mode. This allows your phone to show off photos, display news from Google Currents and other basic information.

Does this sound familiar? That’s because WebOS devices had the same feature, though back then it was known as Exhibition. That’s not the only thing that the new Google Wireless Charging Orb has in common with WebOS. The device itself also looks somewhat reminiscent of the old Palm TouchStone wireless charging dock for Palm Pre devices.

While the new charger might not be the first of its kind, it is still pretty cool looking, to say the least.  At the moment we don’t know when the accessory is launching or how much it will cost.  What do you think, interested in the Nexus 4 and its new Wireless Charging Orb?

  • ray01000101010101

    Does this mean we have to buy the accessory separately?

    • Most likely.

    • Noah

      You don’t have to, you can use a normal cable thankfully!

    • I doubt it’ll come with the phone, if that’s what you mean.

  • Netz Hog

    new & cool = expensive? .. most likely!
    But none the less, on my desk this would be really great and so usefull because i’m allways rushing of somewhere and it’s a bit of a drag pluging the phone in & then out again all day!
    At home, I’d like to see the charging station completely redundant.

  • magnetic?? very nice. imagine slapping this thing onto the dash for charging.

  • Noah

    I wonder what’s the efficiency compared to the cable charger, normally not much, so it’s just a silly gadget. I want my phone to charge as quickly as possible, not let it daydream and charge idly ;-)

    Also, since you can’t change the battery on this model, you may want to avoid too many cycles which is in contradiction with this idea.

    It would be cool if it were only using the power from the cordless source when available and unplugging the battery in that mode to preserve its longevity (and, if chosen or when the level is low enough, recharging).

    • IncCo

      actually, a slow charge is preferrable if you want your battery to last longer because the battery doesnt get as hot.

      • AndroidBrian

        LG battery has like 1 billion charges tho. Don’t think that’s really a issue in this case.

  • aldo

    does this work on the samsung galaxy nexus?

    • Teh


  • webOSforlife

    If the charging efficiency of this is anything at all like that of the Palm Touchstone it mimics, then expect no considerable lag in charge time. And, yes, this will make a superb car chager/mount – assuming you’ve got just the right spot to put it.

    I’ve got (from my Palm Pre days) 3 Touchstones, one of which I mounted in my car (via the semi-permanent, cleanable sticky back). Even pulling the hardest G’s I could in a turn the Pre would not come off the Touchstone. I expect that the magnetic hold on this charger would be no different.

    Anyone who doubts the convenience factor of having wireless charging needs only to imagine the ease of getting in your car, setting your phone down on the magnetic charging base, and going.

    • p3ngwin

      my analogy for wireless charging has always been this:

      You have wireless entry and central locking for your car right? you remember when you had to use physical keys to open and lock you cars?

      well do you want to go back to that? no? well that’s what not having to plug wires into your devices is like when you have wireless charging. you’ll never go back.

      • AndroidBrian

        Isn’t it annoying having to have to tale your case off ur phone all the time?

        • p3ngwin

          what do you mean, why would you need to take your case off?

          wireless charging works up to ~10mm away, so how thick are these cases you’re thinking of ?

          • AndroidBrian

            Dope! I didn’t know it worked with a case on the phone. I feel like an idiot. Does that mean Google wallet & beam features work with cases on as well?????

          • p3ngwin

            unless the case is metal, E.G. something that would block radio communication then it won’t matter what case you have.

            remember Asus transformer Prime metal casing slightly blocked GPS and Wi-FI ?

            gel, plastic, leather, etc cases will all work fine :)

          • AndroidBrian

            I learn something new everyday. Thanks for dropping the knowledge. Never really needed to know about wireless charging because I own a gnex. I will for sure be purchasing this dock. Just hope the price is under $100 so I can buy a couple

          • p3ngwin

            you’re welcome :)

            the Nexus 4 certainly is a well balanced device with great features.

            I’ll be upgrading from my Galaxy Nexus too, and i’ll be loving the wireless charging for sure :)

  • That phone is one sexy piece of hardware!

  • This might just be my Android-fanatic side coming out (though recently developed), but this is definitely something I’d want. Seeing as the Nexus 4 is going to cost a lot less than I anticipated, I have spare funds to spruce it up a bit and this seems like the perfect accessory to go with it. It’d be perfect for me, too. I’m sat at a desk on my computer a majority of the time.

  • AndroidBrian

    Looks great and all but who doesn’t put a case in there phone nowadays????? The time you save not plugging your phone in is gone, by taking ur case off. Its awesome and looks great but I don’t think I’ll use it. I hope they price it @ $50 or less tho. Maybe I’ll consider buying or still just cuz it looks so bad ass.

  • captaindougwasxx

    how much is it going to cost for the orb roughly anyone?

  • yash

    Does nexus 4 include normal charger in the kit.