Google still in the race to buy Waze, Facebook backs off

by: Bogdan BeleMay 30, 2013


Waze is no longer a possible purchase for Facebook, but Google has remained in the race to acquire the company, according to a recent report.

You probably remember that Google and Facebook were fighting to buy the community-driven navigation app Waze. Well, it now seems that Facebook has decided to pass, leaving Google as the main contender.

According to All Things D, quoting sources familiar with the matter, Facebook has decided to quit the talks, the reason being that the two parties could not agree whether the Waze team would leave its native country of Israel, where it is currently headquartered, to move to Facebook’s Californian base of operations.

Facebook would have probably been the one that needed Waze the most, since its main competitor in the acquisition of the service, Google, already has a mapping service, Google Maps. Still, Google Maps could profit quite a bit from integrating Waze’s social features into its services.

Apple, which is also said to have been interested, also has its own mapping service. However, talking at the D11 conference (the same event where he said the Android market share didn’t worry him), Apple CEO Tim Cook has denied ever making an offer for Waze.

Google remains in the race and is said to offer $1 billion, while Facebook’s offer was at $800 million. ZDNet says that Apple’s offer, made earlier this year, was $400 million (or it wasn’t, since Tim Cook says that no offer has been made).

The same source says, quoting local social media expert Yotam Tavor, that Google wouldn’t have a problem with Waze employees remaining in Israel, since it already has a consistent operation in the country, which could easily integrate them.

Waze, which was said to also be contemplating the idea of an IPO, declined to comment on a possible deal, but has updated its app today, including Facebook events integration, among other things.

Do you think Waze would be a useful acquisition for Google?

  • Tabo


  • MasterMuffin

    Never heard of Waze

  • David Davtyan

    yes, the waze is very good app easy and exact without any problems. go get the waze from the google play store. best navigation ever seen. google tend to get the addresees wrong but waze does get everything pretty well even with the current situations reporting on the way

    • Kessbg7

      This is very true. I find Waze much better for navigation than Google
      Maps because its real time traffic redirection is much better. Unlike
      Google Maps, Waze will automatically redirect you mid route if it
      detects heavy traffic a head. Once you start your route, i don’t find
      that Google maps will update your route if heavy traffic develops ahead.
      Plus Waze will also alert you of road closures, objects on the road,
      even read light cameras and hidden police speed traps. Another big
      advantage is that Google Maps stop allow you to search the address of a
      contact in your phone. If you have addresses assigned to your contacts
      like I do, Waze actually allows you to search the contact name and will
      navigate you to their address.

  • I have waze installed and find Google Maps to be much better for navigation and seeing the flow of traffic. Waze isn’t as accurate on traffic flow and there are many sections on my commute where waze isn’t even reporting the traffic flow. The user input side of waze could be a good addition to Google Maps.

  • Raymond Luhur

    yes of course, waze have a better mapping points in my country (indonesia) rather then gmaps
    on gmaps they’re showing where is the location, but not exactly on the point

  • Raymond Marx

    Facebook would be a useful acquisition for Google

  • Poozza

    Waze + Google Maps would be one of the best navigation systems.

  • billionsofstars

    I imagine they will have to remove the police reporting feature. I cannot imagine any California based company being allowed to have that feature. It seems to encourage bad driving behavior. We should all drive as if though there are police around all the time. Also, based on recent California driving laws, most of the features that allow one to report or accept a report while driving will probably get disabled too.