Google Wallet app getting a new ‘orders’ feature for tracking all online purchases

by: Andrew GrushMarch 12, 2014

Google Wallet is getting a pretty useful update today, bringing us “Orders”, a way to track and view both past and current online orders directly from our mobile devices. Now it’s important to note that this tracking goes beyond just tracking orders made with your Wallet, as any order receipt sent to your Gmail account can be tracked by this service.

After updating and opting in tp the feature, your order details will automatically be tracked by the app and you’ll be sent notifications when your order status changes, such as when it is shipped or delivered. The new Orders feature is particularly handy for those that constantly use the web to make purchases, as it puts everything one place and helps you stay organized. It’s also useful for times when you need to look back at past orders for contact information, in situations like when you need to make a product return or have a question on your recently received orders.

Get it on Google Play

As to be expected, the update will arrive in stages, as is typical from Google these days. This means that it may take a few days before the update reaches your device, but you can always check Google Play just in case. Any receive the update yet, if so, have you had the chance to try out the ‘Order’ option?

  • Pete HJ

    Is this different than what Google Now does with tracking items?

    • Kevin Diaz

      No, it uses the same methood

  • I miss the times where google wallets are available for ASP.NET implementation. It would be way more convenient for an e-commerce to have google wallet – Save time and higher traffic to the website!

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