Google Wallet now works on Verizon Galaxy Nexus, lets you add any credit cards

by: Bams SadewoAugust 3, 2012
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Even though the Galaxy Nexus is meant to be a pure Google device, Verizon couldn’t help putting some extra touches, including preventing the Google Wallet from running on the phone. It didn’t exactly stop creative folks from coming up with a workaround, though. However, the days of tinkering are over, as Google Wallet is now officially compatible with Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

Several users have reported that they have successfully downloaded and installed Google Wallet on their Verizon Galaxy Nexus – without any tinkering. So if you happen to do a search on the app at Google Play, you should no longer see the Verizon Galaxy Nexus listed as being incompatible. The success stories seem to come more from folks who run an unrooted and stock ROM of the phone, so results may vary for those running modified software. Here’s the Google Play link if you want to give it a try.

Speaking of workarounds, Google has created a workaround of its own for the app, which bypasses the possibly long and strenuous deal-making talks with credit card companies.

The latest version of Google Wallet now supports basically all credit cards, a list which includes MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards. Note that except for Citibank’s MasterCard, when you link your credit cards to Google Wallet and make any purchase, the merchant’s name won’t be listed on your monthly credit card’s statement and you’ll see the transaction as a Google Wallet charge instead.

One company that isn’t too pleased about Google’s move is American Express, which never gave its official blessing to Google and threatened to block the integration. The company’s spokesperson Bradley Minor said that:

“We want to make sure Google’s mobile wallet product meets the standards we set for our Cardmembers in terms of transparency and clarity about transaction detail.”

So it looks like Google still has many kinks to iron out to make Google Wallet the de facto mobile payment service.

  • Jason Cox

    I keep seeing this, but i cant get to it on my Verizon nexus 4g. I am curious though.

  • Russ Teicheira

    I was able to get it from the direct link above. Installed it from the Web and let it push to my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

    • Now the question is if that app you installed is safe? Viruses?

  • Agent Smith

    This does not work on verizon galaxy nexus. Check your facts before you spread rumors.

  • Sparky

    I just tried to use the link provided in the article for Google play. I am still told my Galaxy Nexus is not compatible with Google Wallet.

  • Crash222

    This does work on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. What I did was did was search for Google Wallet in the web version of the Play Store and it showed up. The trick was not to be signed in before searching. Once I found it I chose to install it and it made me login. After I logged in it asked what device I wanted it installed on. I chose my Nexus and moments later it was pushed to my phone.

  • Wes Marquardt
    • robn

      Worked perfectly. Been waiting to get it forever. Thanks so much!

    • Don

      Thanks a lot!