Google Wallet available on AT&T Galaxy Nexus, Verizon Follows Suit

by: Christine TorralbaFebruary 5, 2012
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Back in December, we reported that Verizon was blocking Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus. This left Sprint Galaxy Nexus users to gloat about making the feature available on the device. However, the app is no longer limited to Sprint users anymore. Google Wallet is now available being offered by AT&T for either Nexus S 4G or the GSM Galaxy Nexus. If you have the AT&T device, you can simply visit the Android Market and get the app you need.

Now you may be wondering if the app will be available on Verizon contract holders, the answer is yes. However, the process is a little tricky. Here’s a how to for LTE equipped Nexus to devices.

How to Install Google Wallet on Your Verizon Galaxy Nexus Manually:

1. Open browser on your phone and open

2. Look for Google Wallet

3. If the browser prompts you to open the Market, don’t. You should stay in the browser.

4. Once results come back, tap on the icon for Google Wallet.

5. Tap the Install button before signing into your Google account.

Remember, you are doing this from the browser and not from the Market app.

6. When you have already signed in, you will be redirected to the Market page in the browser.

7. Don’t be surprised to discover that you don’t have an option to install the app since it doesn’t support Verizon.

8. Tap the back button so you are prompted for the Browser or Market again. This time, choose the Market.


This will let you open the Google Wallet page through the Android Market. You will get the option to install already.

If you’re either a Verizon or AT&T user of a Galaxy Nexus, how do you feel about this news?

  • Yehudajll

    Doesn’t work and i followed directions exactly

    • Standingintallgrass

      It worked for me and i’m on Verizon. THANKS MAN!!!!

    • prestone1

      you need to follow the directions through the default android browser, not through dolphin,opera,ffox, or chrome. worked for me! verizon galaxy nexus

  • us_1776

    Why did Verizon have to FUBAR this whole thing with Google Wallet.

    Damn carriers need to just get out of the way.


  • EdNolty

    I believe Google has changed things so you have to sign in before you install. Then it knows your device and won’t let you.

  • Chert

    This worked for me a couple months ago now i want to update and cant make it work It seems something has been chamged so tgat you are no longer able to access the marke(google play) without loging in again i do get into play but the download button is missing. Does anyonehave a work around for this?

  • Joseph Anthony

    I can’t do this with Google Play.

  • Jay Rathbun

    Are there any updates on this? Because I also cannot get Wallet to install from the play store.