We first caught wind of the Google Wallet card late last year, only to learn in May of 2013 that the project had been scraped altogether — or so we thought. Clear out of the blue, Google has now officially unveiled the Google Wallet card!

So what exactly does the Wallet card do? The card gives you the ability to make Wallet balance purchases and withdrawals at banks, ATMs and any business that accepts MasterCard debit. That’s about it. At least for now, the Wallet card doesn’t appear to have the ability to pull funds directly from debit or credit cards linked to the Wallet, though this could change in time.

The Google Wallet card probably isn’t for everyone, but it could still be useful for those that regularly use Google Wallet to store funds and as an alternative payment method for the many stores that don’t expect NFC-based payments. The card could also come in handy for those that want to give kids access to funds, while limiting the amount of funds available.

It’s also worth noting that the Google Wallet card has the advantage of being absolutely free, except for maybe the fees charged by individual ATMs and banks. This includes no activation fee, usage fee and even the shipping is without cost. The only limitation to the card is that it can only pull up to $5000 per day, though that probably shouldn’t be a problem for most folks using the card.

To learn more about the card, or to request one, you’ll want to head over to Google Wallet’s website. The card is estimated to arrive in 10-12 days. What do you think, is the Google Wallet card worth having or not?

Andrew Grush
Andrew is one of the three Managing Editors of Android Authority, primarily responsible for the overseeing of US team of writers, in addition to several other projects such as VR Source and more. He loves tech, gaming, his family, and good conversations with like-minded folks.
  • philnolan3d

    This sounds like the Paypal card, which didn’t seem to have much purpose for me. Having to first transfer funds to PayPal (or Wallet) first, then pay with this card, seems kind of pointless.

  • Jivester

    Case for the card: out with a group of folks for dinner. Need to split check. Everyone sends money through wallet app to one person who then pays with Google wallet card.

    • techzzilla

      Barclay’s Pingit does that for me. They should extend it to other banks as well though.

      • Jivester

        It works as easy as Google wallet?

  • David Rutla

    Excellent to budget yourself for the day if your being conservative with your cash IMO. leave to major cards home take that one and put a weekly limit for yourself.

  • Mike – Construction Contractor

    I like it. I see it as a card you can use at gas stations and any other place where a skimmer can be used. Not tied directly to your account.

    • King Dong

      Prepaid card in other words like the Escape card I guess

  • monkey god

    What if you have a rewards cards that gives you discounts off of things like gas/groceries. Am I correct in assuming that those discounts don’t work if you use those cards through Google Wallet?

  • shishou
  • Jonathan Sosa

    Would be nice if the card was made by Visa,