Google Wallet Card confirmed on Google support pages

by: Robert NelsonNovember 6, 2012

A few days back we saw details for the Google Wallet Card, this is a physical card that will work with Google Wallet. This card has yet to be officially announced by Google, however given the previous leak (which included some screenshots) and this latest bit, it looks like an announcement is more a matter of when, as opposed to if.

This latest bit comes by way of a Google support page which notes that “all Android devices with an operating system of Android 2.3.3 or higher are eligible to download the Google Wallet app for use with the Google Wallet card.” That part alone sounds like good news considering the current Google Wallet app (that requires NFC) is only supported on a few devices.

The Google Wallet Card will be an actual card that will tie in with your current Google Wallet account. It will allow you to swipe-to-pay at places where tap-to-pay (with NFC) is not available. Or in addition, it will be good for those who want to use Google Wallet, but do not have a supported phone.

And for those wondering why a physical Google Wallet card. Well, this will allow you to have multiple cards on your Google Wallet account, but only have to carry the one card when you go out. Simply put, this could make for a lighter and less bulky wallet. Pairing the card with the app then means you will be able to adjust which card is being used at any given time.

Bottom line here, we still need the official announcement from Google, however finding this support page has seemingly confirmed the existence of the card.

  • Elias Ortega

    This is Genius! Imagine getting your wallet stolen or lost and all you got to do is disable one Google wallet card instead of all your credit and debit cards! Fantastic!

  • TechGuy

    And probably won’t work with rooted devices.

    • Cédric Tremblay

      And is probably U.S. only.