Here we go again. When the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was first released, users had to get Google Wallet from other means besides the Google Play Store. It wasn’t a difficult process. All users needed to do was obtain the APK file from somewhere and then sideload it onto the Galaxy Nexus. From there everything worked perfectly. However, Verizon and Google found a way to once again disable Google Wallet access from the Galaxy Nexus.

Anyone who has tried to use their Google Wallet over the last couple of days may have noticed that the app has once again been patched. The error message reads:

This version of the Google Wallet app is no longer supported. Please download the latest version from the Android Market.

Of course, if you go to the Play Store and try to update it, it will tell you that Google Wallet is not supported on your device. A pleasant little Catch-22, wouldn’t you say? It also affects all previously known workarounds so the old methods will no longer work.

So how do we get it back?

Thankfully, the Android community didn’t need long to figure out a workaround for this issue. Members of our wonderful community have already begun flooding various blog posts with download links to the new APK file that will work. It probably will not be long until a permanent download link is posted on XDA-Developers or RootzWiki with stable mirrors. Until then, you’ll need to grab it out of the comments on a blog post like this one at Droid-Life.

Installing the new Google Wallet is easy. Download the APK wherever you can get it and install it over the old version you currently have. It has been confirmed working by a number of people and you should be back up and paying for things with NFC again in no time. You must be quick, though, as most download links are to personal Dropbox accounts, which have a download limit.

Joe Hindy
Hi everyone! I'm Joe Hindy the Android Authority app guy!
  • Fernando Montenegro

    I got the error on Tuesday but i downloaded yesterday before i go to buy some cloths on Google store. The apk works perfect on my GNex from Verizon

  • Peterson Silva

    Why on Earth would GOOGLE itself do it?! Could somebody please explain their motives, I just fail to understand!

    • It’s more Verizon than either Samsung or Google..Verizon didn’t want it enabled, and asked Google to disable it.

      • Peterson Silva

        But why would they comply? =(

        • JosephHindy

          Why do they lock bootloaders, why do they hate root, why don’t they want Google Wallet? The answers to all these questions are the same, because Verizon doesn’t like it.

  • Martini Gnex Jelly Bean

    AWESOME!!!! Thnx guys for the update! I was starting to get depressed without my Google Wallet. I hope to one day soon completely do away with having to carry a wallet (If only there was a way to stick my drivers license on my phone). More and more companies are starting to replace their merchant service devices with ones that are NFC compatible. Thanks to you guys, there is hope for the future. Verizon customers are a huge chunk of people carrying NFC devices, and if those people cannot use them, then businesses will be less apt to spend money updating their ability to accept NFC technology. You’re doing more than you know.
    Verizon is trying stop the use of google wallet because they do not get a percentage of the transaction when you use the NFC, while giving some excuse that there are compatability issues and security concerns. Those of us who have been using it all along (I have since January 2012) know there are no problems or issues with it. Its a tactic Verizon is using to try and get Google to give them a piece of the pie. Google, in order to maintain relations with Verizon, answered with an “update” that removed the ability for current users to continue use, all along knowing that those same people who found a work around in the first place would sure enough find another way. So, here we go again…