Google voice search app for iOS scores better than Siri

by: Varun RajNovember 5, 2012

The guys at Gizmodo ran a quick test of the newly released iOS Google Search voice feature against the iOS native Siri and the results clearly favor Google. Although, while both applications had their limitations, the publication concluded that the Google voice search was faster in response compared to Siri:

Google came up with a quicker response almost every time, was more accurate, and frankly sounded much less grating than Siri.

Google scored better than Siri when it came to web based searches. Siri had to be instructed on the type of browser to be used to conduct the searches which required an additional click. As the test video below shows, Google voice search can run searches almost instantly while Siri takes a few seconds before it thinks and display the search results. However, the Google voice search is unable to search through the data residing on your iPhone which limits its functionality compared to Siri.

This app is Google’s first ever app released for the iPhone that directly competes with the Siri functionality and Google seems to be outsmarting quite a few native iPhone features. On a different note, Google is quite skeptical about releasing its Google Maps app for the iPhone fearing that it could be turned down by Apple, although the iPhone maker would most likely have to approve it.

What do you think of the performance of this Google voice search app for iPhone?

  • Kindroid

    No surprise here for Android users.

  • jvlie

    thats a FACT!

  • Sara

    Apple approved this for their app store? I wouldn’t be surprised if apple removes it or demands google alter it (a lot) so its “not so similar to Siri” aka dumbs it down so it’s not better. Remember all those other voice search apps that apple removed coz they were too similar to Siri?

    • aholsteinson

      Apple would get into a serious PR mess if they remove the app just as they would if they ever block Google’s map app when and if it is released.

    • kangaruhs

      Since Google’s Voice Actions predates Siri, the lawsuit would go the other way.

  • r121

    This is how Apple fucks our mind.

  • LanderP