Google Voice website now supports calls via Hangouts

by: Edgar CervantesJuly 24, 2014

Google Voice free

Google Voice is said to merge with Hangouts, a project that has been standing since the rumors of Babel first emerged. All messaging services would be unified and live under one roof… forever and ever. Life is not a fairy tale, though, and Google Voice has been treated like the red-headed step child in the family.

The application and website have received no significant updates for ages, until today. Our hope for a future with a more integrated service has been revived as Hangouts calls start being supported by the official Google Voice website.

You can simply head to the Google Voice site and place a call. When selecting which “Phone to call with”, click on the drop-down menu and hit “Hangouts”. A new window will pop up and your call will go through. There isn’t even a need to have a Google+ account!

hangouts drops xmpp support

What does this mean for the future of Google Voice? For one, it’s proof that Google still hasn’t quite forgotten Google Voice. It’s a spark of hope, something Google Voice users and fans really needed. Can we expect this merge to finally conclude soon? Probably not, but this is a good step in the right direction.

As for the immediate future, users will find great benefit in this new feature. Calling from the Google Voice website was quite a pain. A phone was required in most cases. Either that or you could have Google Voice call you through Google Talk in Gmail.

This proved to be both inconvenient and confusing to the user. One had to place a call by asking Google Voice to call you – weird, right? We can put all of that behind us now. I have tested this new feature and it works perfectly, so start calling!

  • Shark Bait

    yeah this was a long time coming. Its my understanding that voice is a complete mess and requires almost a complete rewrite for hangouts, thus the delay and lack of attention

    I hope it gets rolled out internationally too. Id really like to use WIFI calling but no existing services really works well for me, just need calling in hangouts larry!

  • Oran Schahar

    Sweeeeet cant wait !!!!
    Google Rock !!!!!

  • Junior Rosario

    #GOOGLE Give us Voice calling on the Android App already…. #FML

  • Shri

    wifi calling and status availabilty (available/away/busy) – and hangout will be a complete app. Now a mess for my use case – still sticking with google voice and google talk on desktop until forced out like on mobile

  • Old Guy

    This will bring Google Voice back to where it was in 2007, when it was Grand Central and I could use it with Gizmo Voip on my computer and on my Nokia E71 using Gizmo on the built in Voip app with an unlimited data plan that cost me nothing on a non “smart phone”.