Google Voice to remain free in 2013 for U.S. and Canada domestic calls

by: Bams SadewoDecember 27, 2012

Google Voice free

Google Voice is a VoIP-based service that — among other things — lets you make local and international phone calls, either on the standalone Voice app or through Gmail. Making calls within the USA and Canada has been free since the service was first introduced, but as reported last year, users can only enjoy their free calls until the end of December 2012.

A few days before the start of the New Year, Google has announced on its blog that it’s extending the free service for folks in North America for another year, which means you can make free domestic calls through 2013.

Those who live elsewhere still get to enjoy the competitive rate that Google is charging for its VoIP service. For example, calls to America are charged at just $0.01 per minute.

Are you happy with the news? How often do you use Google Voice to communicate?

  • fraterunipheas

    I use it everyday it is my main line I am very happy about this

  • Harvey Paul

    When is Google Voice comming to the UK

  • I used Google Voice as my primary phone line until 2 days ago, 12/25/2012. I gave up on Google Voice because it does not support MMS unless the sender is on Sprint. It isn’t Google fault for this fact. There is nothing Google can do to deliver picture messages. It’s the carriers’ faults. Regardless, I need MMS, so goodbye Google Voice.

    • Rams

      have you found an app similar to google voice but can send pics like normal though it .. without haaving to email it or coming to the other person as a link?>

      • No.

        • Lester Walters

          try You can send mms from your phone or desktop to a mobile number. You can message fb users too.

    • Chris

      Hi CJ, Set Google Voice to forward text to email, and you receive the MMS in email. I set a rule in Gmail to mark any incoming message with SMS in subject line and with an attachment as important. I also get my gmail on my phone so I see the MMS right away. I have received MMS from Sprint, Tmobile, Cricket, Boost and likely some others. Works well for me, other than exposing my real cell Ph # when I want to send MMS. Also, for existing contacts, the app Tango works great if both have it installed.

  • John Stock

    How can a VoIP service realistically be anything other than free. The technology at the end points is trivial and the communication is done via your ISP which you pay for already.

    Does it let you call none VoIP endpoints? If not, then I must be missing something.

    • TedPhillips

      it does. you can call to POTS, and you get a ‘real’ phone number too for inbound calling from POTS. (in addition to the voice-mail services and dynamic routing)

      my only complaint is that they don’t expose it as a pure sip (it’s xmpp-based) service, and allow outbound voip calls to other sip end points. (some of that is covered by other parts of the android stack – but i’d like to see some true investment/progress there; probably held up by the entrenched telco’s)

      • John Stock

        Not available in the majority of the world, so we wont enjoy it free at any point.

  • Richard

    Will I be able to use Google voice in Southeast Asia?