Google Voice update fixes crashing issue for Android 4.2 users

by: Andrew GrushNovember 14, 2012

Google Voice

We previously reported that Android 4.2 contained a bug that caused Google Voice to crash when attempting to send text messages. From the reports coming in, the bug was affecting all Google Voice users that had updated to the latest version of Android. The good news is that Google has now pushed out an update to the app that addresses the issue.

The new version of Google Voice is available now through Google Play, though it is really just a bug fix and isn’t needed for anyone who isn’t on Android 4.2 yet. After updating the Google Voice app, what’s next? Unfortunately, you will have to go back through the set up process again. Once you complete that step, you should be ready to go once again.

Although it could be argued that Google should have caught this issue before releasing Android 4.2, bugs do happen and sometimes things just get overlooked. The important thing is that Google reacted to the problem quickly and found a way to resolve it. Any Android 4.2 users grab the update? Is Google Voice working as it should now?

  • I’m strongly considering ditching Google Voice. The benefit of saving $20/mo on SMS isn’t worth not having MMS and these kinds of bugs. Plus SMS is more reliable than TCP. I’m seriously conflicted.