Google Voice almost ready to launch in Canada

by: David GonzalesNovember 21, 2012

Google Voice

Google has announced and released many new exciting and revolutionary mobile products over the years. It has certainly left its mark on the mobile industry in more ways than one. By far, one of its most exciting contributions – one that is still eagerly awaited in many parts of the world – is a mobile phone service called Google Voice. With it, users can make and receive phone calls and text messages through Internet-enabled mobile PCs.

One of the many places looking forward to an official launch of Google Voice is Canada. It seems every single Google service is available out there right now, except for this one. Has Google Voice’s day in Canada finally arrived? Perhaps not, but it’s closer than ever.

According to Mobile Syrup, an official launch of Google Voice in Canada is likely to happen very soon. Some previously unavailable features are now available to users. The official app itself is now available as a direct download without any restrictions. This is all very different from the situation with Google Voice before.

Apparently, it is now possible to forward U.S.-based phone numbers to cellphones in Canada. Calls are now properly routed to local numbers. And it works with text messages, too. Getting Google Voice to work for the first time is still a bit tricky, and there are still a number of features that can’t be accessed. But the payoff is worth it, and things are expected to change for the better if the official launch does indeed happen very soon.

  • Don’t forget Google Music. We don’t get that up here either.

    • Salinger

      We get Google Music, just not the Google Music store. I have all my music uploaded to Google and can stream using the Google Music app on my phone. Just can’t purchase songs, which is fine, there are loads of options for that.

  • Erik Amador

    Does anyone know where I can find that wallpaper?

  • “It seems every single Google service is available out there right now, except for this one.” — what about the nfc wallet?

    • Wallet seems to work for me. I have one registered in the US and one in Canada. I suspect if it is not working for you it is more likely a bug than an actual geo block. What is different is I can’t user my Canadian Google Wallet with many US vendors. But then I also have the same problem with paypal.

  • Rob
  • Sounds like a huge amount of speculation. I just tried again to see if I can get Google to forward to my Canadian cell phone (905) area code. Still the same old error message: “We could not verify your phone. Please try again.”. GrooVe IP light has always appeared for me in the Google Play Store on search, and I have never had a problem downloading it or it’s updates. These newest changes the author has noticed, could mean Google is getting ready for launch in Canada, or it could mean they just accidentally dropped a few entries in their database of area codes to block, or some other type error.

  • danny

    with all due respect, i beleive the author here is incorrect in saying that gv can forward calls to Canadian mobile numbers. that used to be the case with the canadian 403 area code but google long since closed that loophole. neither is he correct in saying that the app is available in canada. not sure where he got this information but im actually in canada with a yakju gnex and i can confirm my statements.

    • Salinger

      Have you tried downloading the app lately? I searched, found and downloaded the app a couple of weeks ago in the Canadian Play store, so the author is definitely correct on that point.