Google’s Vic Gundotra posts image from a Nexus 10 tablet, simultaneously removes any doubt of an upcoming announcement

by: Robert NelsonOctober 26, 2012

Google’s Vic Gundotra has recently posted an image on his Google+ profile page. The image, which is titled ‘early morning walk on the beach’ appears to be innocent enough. And by itself, it looks like nothing more than a picture taken on an empty beach. But digging a bit deeper and checking out the details for the image itself — we now have some confirmation of the Nexus 10 tablet.

Granted, we think most were already convinced that the Nexus 10 was real and it was going to be announced this coming Monday October 29 anyway. But still, a bit of extra confirmation is always a nice thing when talking about devices that have yet to be officially announced. You can see the image above, but perhaps the more interesting bit is the part that sits below — the part with the image details.

As you can see, the image measures in at 819.57k in size, has dimensions of 2048 x 1536 (3.1MP) pixels and was taken with a Nexus 10. The image appears to have a filter of some sort applied, and otherwise give few clues as to what megapixel camera will be on the tablet. The resolution from the image is not as high as we would have hoped to see, but we can probably write that off to the image having been uploaded at this quality as opposed to that being the highest quality image possible. Otherwise, there is mention that a flash was not used.

Bottom line here, those who may have been hoping for the Nexus 10 because they want to make a purchase — better start setting aside some cash because it looks pretty likely at this point.

  • That picture looks awful

    • MasterMuffin

      pretty good for a tablet

    • saurabhaj

      That picture looks scary..
      not because of camera but because of black clouds.

    • Calibrator

      It’s from a guy who thinks he is a talented photographer.

      Always funny when he shows up in Trey Ratcliffs Google hangouts (also called “Trey’s Variety Hour” on Youtube), and the other guys & gals – all more or less famous professional photographers – smile politely…

      Of course all of this is marketing, but still…

  • Qliphah

    I really hope google puts a flash led on this. I know it seems dumb as who uses their tablet to take pictures. But the flashlight ability has come in so handy on my phone, heck I use it daily where the camera is just occasional.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Can we please stop putting rear cameras on tablets and just shave $10-15 off the prices? The front camera is fine but the ones on the back are a lame and needless expense.

    • Dzenz

      One use for the rear camera is the Ionroad app that I would like to run on a dash mount tablet. Other than that I agree completely.

  • HellG

    1.Google+ resizes images so that’s not the actual image resolution
    2.That effect is obviously applied via snapseed and not a raw image
    nonetheless i hope it will be announced at the 29th and not in a later time, hopefully they will announce snapseed for android as well :)

  • Show Off.. Awesome ;)