Google+ update adds auto-awesome notifications, bug fixes, and more

by: Joe HindyAugust 27, 2013

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Google+ has started rolling out a new update today. The update isn’t huge but it does come with some essentials and a new feature. Among other things, the typical bug fixes and performance enhancements will be there. The big new feature, though, is getting a notification when your photos get auto-awesome’d.

According to Virgil Dobjanschi, who works for Google, you’ll get a notification when Google+ gives you some auto-awesome goodness. He writes:

Today’s new Android app is mostly about bug fixes and performance improvements, but we did squeeze in a feature that’ll make photos more fun: Auto Awesome notifications.

Auto Awesome finds sets of photos in your library, and creates fun new versions automatically (like animations, panoramas, or filmstrips). Starting today you’ll get notified on Android, iOS and the desktop whenever one of these gems is waiting for you.

The update hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet so if you haven’t gotten it, just hang in there. It’ll roll out to you soon. For those who keep track, this will be version 4.1.1. Has anyone given the new update a try? If you have or you want to talk about it, let us know in the comments.

  • Did they get rid of the blue update dialog?

    • Carrie Simpson

      Doesnt look like it.

  • Carrie Simpson

    I have updated and I am STILL having issues with the notifications not working. This is rediculous.

    • Cristian Coco

      can you upload the apk?

      • Carrie Simpson

        I have no idea! Sorry! I am not good with technical stuff I am just fed up of updates not working!

        • Leonardo Rojas

          Kindly go use iPhone. Ha

          Android is too interesting to stay not good at technical stuff.

  • aai534


  • I notice the animation stuff a few weeks ago.