August 28, 2012
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Google TV has yet to make a major splash in the living room, but things are already starting to heat up. Google clearly has big hopes for the technology. In fact, in recent times, many partnerships have surfaced to build Google TV-based set-top boxes.

The newest addition to the Google TV family is the Chinese company Hisense. Hisense joins a group that includes Samsung, Sony, LG and Vizio. Through its partnership with Google, Hisense will create a box that helps merge the Internet and television experience through a living room-friendly set-top box of its own.

The Hisense set-top box will arrive later this year for under $100, which means its closest price competitor will be the $99 Co-Star Google TV box by Vizio.

If the Hisense box can go even lower than the $99 price point of the Vizio, it’s likely to be a hot-selling item. Considering Vizio’s box sold out in under 12 hours after its debut, an even cheaper set-top box would be very attractive to consumers.

If Hisense was able to target a $75-$90 dollar range, would you be interested?

Andrew Grush
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