Happy 14th birthday, Google! Has it really been that long? Actually, it’s been longer. If you head over to Google’s search page today, you are greeted by a birthday cake with 14 candles and a hovertext reading “Google’s 14th Birthday”. After a few moments, the cake changes into a Google logo (both pictures seen above). While the 27th is the day that Google has now decided to celebrate, the company’s actual roots go back a couple years earlier.

In 1995 Larry Page was visiting Stanford and managed to have Sergey Brin as his campus tour guide. This was the beginning of their friendship. In 1996, Page and Brin were both grad students and decided to work together to create a search engine. Nope, not Google. The original name was “BackRub”- yes, really.

So where does September 27th of 1998 come in to play with all of this? In 1997, BackRub would become Google and quickly started to become recognized as a worthwhile search engine. By 1998, it was time to start expanding. On September 27th they hired their first employee. That’s what this date is truly about.

Either way you look at it, Google has done a lot in such a short amount of time. Today Google isn’t just about search. Google has managed to reach into about every part of our daily life, happily providing us a great social network, tons of apps and services, search and – of course – the best mobile OS on the market.

So Google, congratulations for the 14(-ish) years of providing great services to your fans. Oh, and thanks for changing your name. Can you imagine the alternative? “Let me BackRub that real quick”… yah.

Andrew Grush
Andrew is one of the three Managing Editors of Android Authority, primarily responsible for the overseeing of US team of writers, in addition to several other projects such as VR Source and more. He loves tech, gaming, his family, and good conversations with like-minded folks.
  • Swedish guy


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  • NoreenD

    Happy Birthday Google!!! I’m still amazed and thankful of all the services and products that you come up with! Please, ALWAYS keep it coming…Keep on being creative, fun, helpful, innovative, and positive!!! NEVER lose your spirit! Thank you, so very much for enriching my life everyday, especially with Android!!! I just can’t get enough!

  • Happy Birth Day to Google. Please pay heed!

    Since it’s egression I had a feeling it is a step ahead than earlier,
    they had gone towards YouTube; a digital mode. This is what actually happened,
    people started to dissent Google as well. It’s
    not once in the blue moon situation that Google is being criticized. Around the
    globe, people have been criticizing Google by asking search engine, “Google
    Don’t be Evil” and using the term “Googlization”. Good news is, Google has been
    complying with the laws and it has removed links from its database under the provisions
    of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (just a reference, not applicable here;
    Google can be asked to remove material).

    What’s more, An Egyptian human rights activist who
    posted videos about police abuse said that YouTube did shut down his account
    because of complaints that the videos contain “inappropriate material”.
    Other one, Google emailed to a group of sex workers from Ireland stating that
    their advert did not comply with the terms of service and advertising policies
    of Google, and as a result their account had been suspended and they were
    prohibited from possessing or creating any other accounts now or in the future.
    Further, YouTube censored a comedian’s anti-Sharia video called “Welcome to
    Saudi Britain”.

    As I said earlier, Pakistan along with other Muslim countries ought to
    learn how to deal with such situation. At large and with the passage of time,
    YouTube was blocked in all the Muslim countries as well as in a few Non Muslim
    countries. Personally believe, blocking YouTube was not a Hobson’s choice. With
    due regard Judiciary, Information Ministry and Interior Ministry must have gelled
    together to move towards “Technical Censorship”. Such kind of censorship means
    that you make the information invisible and people don’t know where it is.
    Along side this you could use content control software. “Content labeling”,
    “Resource Description Framework” and “Internet Content Selection” are there.
    The physical part of technology handling could be covered through Governance. Did
    as the question on the legal front in the earlier post.

    Let the YouTube open, you could upload the videos showing people having
    protest in re action to the malicious one. Even you could have shown the videos
    of the conventions held in Pakistan by the Federal Government as well as the
    Provinces. More important, download the “malicious movie” discuss it with a
    religious scholar have his reviews and upload the “responsive “on the YouTube.
    But blockage didn’t allow you to do any of these and it happened globally.

    Openly, it is not too bad to ask Google to extirpate
    the content containing remarks such as Blasphemy, Defamatory and Slanderous. ”. Neither should Google be as high as a kite
    nor has any body got Google stumped. Actually, as a cat’s paw, Google has been
    imbrued by those wrong doers. Google should not fall a prey to those miscreants
    as a “drape”. Perchance, Google’s support system
    does not allow the users (complainant) to file a complaint in an easy manner so
    Google must work on this end and of course Google is not wet behind the ears. This
    could maneuver Google to have a “quicken abortion” and roll back the clock.

  • alauniebell

    google is a good place to be