Google Translate now breaking through language barriers in the web version of the Google Play Store

by: Brad WardJanuary 29, 2013


Google, always striving to provide the best experience possible, seems to have integrated Google Translate into the web version of the Google Play Store. When viewing an app in a foreign language, Google Translate will let you know it’s willing to translate the description to your default language.

The Google Play Store app was doing this back in November, but this is the first time it has been seen on the web version. Other than that, nothing seems to be new. Google Chrome users are used to having Google Translate pop up on foreign websites asking if the user wants the page translated to their language.

Being able to translate app descriptions is a nice feature if the app is something you’re interested in. More often than not though, a lot of foreign apps aren’t compatible with devices in other countries. This is often due to language barriers and sometimes international law.