Google to launch Android Device Manager to help you locate, ring, and remote wipe your phone or tablet

August 2, 2013

    Android Device Manager

    Coming later this month, Google plans to officially launch the Android Device Manager for all devices running Android 2.2 or higher. The Android Device Manager will be deployed to nearly all Android devices via Google Play Services. Once logged into the Android Device Manager, you’ll be able to locate your lost or stolen device, ring it (even if the volume is off), or remotely wipe your device to keep your data secured.

    Back in June, we asked “Why doesn’t Android have a built in find lost phone function?” and we pointed out that you can already accomplish these tasks via third party applications and services or if you’re a paying Google Apps customer. It’s nice to see Google stepping up and adding this feature to nearly all Android devices making it easier for Android users to protect their devices.



    • hurric

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      • Skander

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        2) If you can’t afford it keep it to yourself and no need to make a fool out of yourself.
        3) You need a doctor.

        Also, I think being rude in general isn’t really appreciated here, so if you see yourself getting flamed, blame yourself.

        • John Bailey

          Wow, calm your tits there buddy. Did you stop to think that you might be the one getting flamed for being such a sensitive little vag? Go take a Pamprin.

          • swannanoa72

            Here is another one who is already flamed…wonder when people will learn that it is bad to impose their opinions on others…

      • Derek Ross

        Thanks random dude without a real profile picture. How’s that silhouette working out for you?

        • hurric

          sheesh..didn’t know such sensitive bunch..i don’t even want a glass….

          • YoungHermit

            Don’t want it, don’t buy it… It’s that simple

    • Jason Yuen

      …… meanwhile In an on-topic post….. I hope Google does this right and makes the device survive a factory reset. Cerberus app has the option of flashing a zip file that will survive even a factory reset (but not a rom flash), but requires root. If a thief has any common sense, they would wipe your phone before doing anything else on it.

      • stanner

        I think this functionality assumes thieves stupid enough to keep phone turned on :D

        on my country, most phone thieves will turn off the device and bring it to stolen goods dealer which will get flashed/ reset there. in this case any remote wipe or find phone functionality will be useless.

        worst case is if you have non-encrypted sdcard, its content will be easy target for thieves.

    • Sean Karpa

      Find My iPhone?

      • Miguel Vivas D’Ambrosio

        Samsung do that before apple. since steve jobs isnt in the head apple socks

        • Skander

          I think they have “Samsung Dive” in most Galaxy devices, now renamed “Find My Mobile”

      • Junaid Ansari

        This is actually a very much needed feature. This is something that isn’t really coming into the copying Apple scenario since Google likes to release it apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

    • Zach Mauch

      Awesome! It’s about time!! This is something that has been sorely lacking in google services. Especially considering they are the Map KINGS!!!!

      Thank you google!!!

    • Don Gemus

      Finally a reason to upgrade Donut

    • Magnetic1

      I can see how something like this can be a double edged sword.

      That’s why ethics matter, credibility matters, and trust matters.

    • foggyflute

      It could be good if able to auto turn on GPS

    • EliasAlucard

      This is good news. I already have this feature enabled on my Xperia S, it’s called MyXperia. But it’s great to see it roll out on Google Play. It’s definitely a feature that should be mandatory. With MyXperia, it’s also possible to lock the phone.

      How well does this feature work though, if a stolen device is rooted and flashed?

    • mrbart

      hidden NSA feature…

      • rdeleonp


    • Amine Pirlo

      A new reason to switch to Android

    • Navinthran Govindasamy
    • Tran Nguyen

      Now I understood why they make non remove battery.

    • sheltonsmith26

      For those without this new feature check this blog post for the apk.