July 26, 2012
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Google’s popular messaging service Google Talk is having a really bad day. According to the official App Status page from Google, the app is currently malfunctioning for “a majority of users”. Google (and web companies in general) tend to downplay the extent of service disruptions, so when someone admits that most users are affected, you can bet that the problem is serious.

The app loads and connects to Google’s servers just fine, but when users try to use it they encounter various message errors and other abnormal behavior. I personally can see just one contact that appears to be online, my colleague Ankit, but when I try to chat with him, Google Talk graciously informs me that he’s actually offline.

google talk outage

The problem seems to have appeared at least three hours ago, as the first disruption notice appeared on Google’s App Status page at 6:40AM PST. Google initially promised a quick resolution of the issue, but has only offered some “we’re investigating” updates so far.

We’ll monitor the situation and update this post as soon as we notice anything new. How about you? Are you affected by the Google Talk outage?

Bogdan Petrovan
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