Google Stars Chrome extension leaks – learn about it and download it here!

by: Edgar CervantesMay 30, 2014


More evidence of the Google Stars bookmarking service has emerged, over 3 weeks after we last heard of it. The service is said to organize and simplify your bookmarking experience, aside from making it much more capable. Rumors say it will be able to bookmark more than websites, allowing interaction with videos, images, Drive files, locations and more.

Today marks a significant day for Google Stars. It has been staying pretty well hidden for being a service that is currently under testing, but we are now getting access to a leaked Chrome extension! There is much to be seen and we will go through some of the main points right below.

Adding bookmarks and “the grid”


Adding bookmarks with this Google Stars extension is as easy as it has always been. The only difference is the interface for choosing the folder, title and other details is much more pleasant to the eye. The stylized window includes images, buttons and drop-down menus with aesthetically pleasing designs.

Your bookmarked content will all go to a page that is arranged as a grid. You can simply drag-and-drop to rearrange your content, and easily move it around as you wish.


Dogfooding-specific features

Sadly, most of the features we are really interested in will only be available to those signed up under Google’s “Dogfooding” program, in which Google tests services and works out the glitches. There is a good list of features this service will have, though, which are listed in the splash screen, even if not available for use.

The screenshot below shows features like Advanced Search, automatically organized bookmarks, “Star” sharing, an image-rich grid and auto spam detection.



We are not sure when the Search Giant will be ready to launch Google Stars, but we sure hope to hear something about this at Google IO. For now, you can go ahead and download the leaked Chrome extension.

  • Sir Magnus

    You can only add an extension from Chrome Web Store. The browser itself doesn’t allow to install unverified extensions.

  • Laquan W.

    I got it up and running on my chromebook. thanks guys.

  • Stas

    Literally it doesn’t change a lot. It changes only the way in which you save bookmarks, but access (open each bookmark) to those already saved is exercised in the old way: you click in single bookmark from your bookmark bar and voil√† – you’re in the web site.
    p.s. by the way, is it possible to sign up to the dogfooding program or it available only to internal company usage or developers? Google search didn’t help me with this issue.

  • I have Drag & dropped onto the extensions page. It worked for me. Click the below link to open extension page .

  • La

    Google Stars extension for Chrome leaks – Be the First to Know !

  • Ben

    In my opinion, after using this for a few weeks, is that it is nothing extremely innovative or difference from the past bookmarking experience. is working on a truly revolutionary cloud bookmarking service which will be released very soon.

    Sign up at to get the beta release.