Google and Starbucks partnership offers customers free unlimited music through All Access

by: Brad WardJune 18, 2013

Play Music All Access 1600 aa

Google took to its social networking website, Google+, to announce a new partnership with Starbucks. This new deal will allow Starbucks customers to stream unlimited songs, radio, and more from Google’s recently launched All Access music service. This is in addition to the free Wi-Fi that Starbucks already offers its customers.

This partnership isn’t much of a surprise considering that Apple has partnered with Starbucks in the past. In 2007, Starbucks customers had the privilege of accessing a free iTunes Wi-Fi music library, which was limited to U.S. customers only. Apple and Starbucks continue to offer free app and song of the week picks through physical cards in Starbucks stores though.


Unfortunately Google’s All Access music streaming service is still limited to the U.S., so it isn’t likely that Starbucks stores outside of the country will be able to take advantage of this partnership. However, this is still great exposure for All Access.

As you may know, All Access isn’t as popular as Spotify, the music streaming service with 20 million tracks and an active 24 million listeners. So exposing All Access to more people is certainly a good move. It’ll no doubt be even better as soon as All Access launches on iOS, too.

Will you be taking advantage of this new promotion?

  • chanman

    can’t say that I frequent starbucks, but I will probably go once or twice to check out the scope of the All Access catalogue and see if all my favorites from Spotify are there.

  • Larkhillv

    I don’t really ever go to Starbucks any more. I will, however, continue my trial month and likely subscribe monthly to All Access.

  • Doan

    How does this work?

  • Austin Cooper

    So wait, do you only get the streaming service when you’re physically at the Starbucks?

  • Lisandro O Oocks

    Is this going to work like Google Wallet does at Starbucks?

  • Ali Swanson

    I recently tried Google Music. It wasn’t for me (I do not like album art and there is currently no option to dismiss it). But, they do have a great catalog and the storage they offer is fantastic. If you like to have your songs with you on the go, I’d recommend Googles service. I am a current subscriber to Spotify, which is good. But they often have “remastered” songs, which sound completely wrong. This is a huge drawback for me personally. I may at some point in the future go back to Google as they continue to improve the service.

  • ecubuntu

    Starbukcs has a terrible internet connexion, I dont know how Google Music is going to work with that type of internet connexion

  • Brian Cooper

    I like this idea, combining drinking coffee and music is such a great idea because music makes everything better :) I have a few playlists I listen to at work using Torch Music and it makes my day fly by.

  • grazilla

    At 18 million Google is not far behind Spotify, for a new launch thats actually quite impressive. I found out that you can take Google All Access music offline permanently via Will be interesting to see how this all works @ starbucks!