Since 2011, May the 4th has been celebrated by Star Wars fans as a quasi-holiday with several Star Wars parties, festivals and other activities taking place on this day. As you might have guessed, the date was chosen simply because “May the 4th” sounds a fair deal similar to “May the Force”.

Anyhow, if you’re a Star Wars fan you’ll be happy to know that both Amazon and Google are kicking off their own little celebrations of the upcoming event, holding a Star Wars themed sale of sorts.

Over at Google Play, this sale includes discounts on select Star Wars books, as well as reduced pricing on games like Lego Star Wars Microfighters ($.99) and Angry Birds Star Wars II ($.99). Google is also offering discounted in-app purchases for several ‘free’ Star Wars games.

As for Amazon? Admitedely, there sale isn’t as extensive. For Kindle owners, you can get Angry Birds Star Wars Premium HD for $.99, and then there’s reduced in-app purchases for Star wars TM Pinball 3 and Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. Amazon also promises a premium Star Wars game will be free on Sunday, May the 4th — but it doesn’t say which one.

Andrew Grush
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