Google shutters Latitude

Remember that infographic we showed you a little while ago about shuttered Google services? Break out a sharpie, because Latitude is going on that list. Starting in August, the location sharing service will be dropped from Maps.

This change is effective because Maps is seeing an update. With the new interface and features of Maps, Latitude just didn’t have a place. Instead, there will be social functionality, and users can check in on Google+ for Android, or share their location. There is no iOS feature set right now, but they’re working on it. From the Google Blog:

[quote qtext=”One important change you should know about is that Latitude and check-ins are no longer part of the new Google Maps app, and will be retired from older versions on August 9. We understand some of you still want to see your friends and family on a map, which is why we’ve added location sharing and check-ins to Google+ for Android (coming soon to iOS). More details about Latitude and check-in changes can be found in our help center.” qperson=”” qsource=”Google Blog” qposition=”center”]

This is a very natural progression for Maps and Google+. Latitude was a relic of Google past, a time when services were born and sometimes forced to work together, but often times didn’t. Google+ is the social thread that binds so many services together, meaning things like Latitude can be jettisoned easily.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a great Maps app than Latitude.

  • Ruzveh

    can we shut Google+ next? Thats one thing which i hate it specially after u forced me to store my picassa into my google+ album which i dint ask

  • joser116

    Google + photos are much better than Picasa. In time, Google+ will be even better.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Oh no! I’m gonna miss latitude! Wtf, which app can do the same?

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Life360, but damn it! Is not Latitude

  • birdie

    Latitude is very useful to me. Sad news.

    GMaps is less useful, there are lot of offline map apps available here for my country, whereas offline GMaps here isn’t available.

    yeah like other said, I prefer they shut down G+ than Latitude (lol).

  • Lisandro O Oocks

    Will it still be called Latitude even if it works on Google+?

    • Alexey Kalgin

      The section is called “Locations” in Android Google+ app

  • Endinsight

    Saw that one coming.

  • Alexey Kalgin

    Latitude was good and logical extension to google maps service. Ii was really cool to figure out that some of your friends are nearby after dropping a glance at the map. I don’t think it is better to look for friends location on the extension of the social network like google+. I already checked how it is working in google+ on Android. it is not as functional as it was in latitude :-( e.g. while location is shown on the map it is not displaying when the location was updated.