Google shows production T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream in London

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 16, 2008
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Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

At Google’s Deverloper Day event today in London, Google execs were showing off what seems most certainly to be the new HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 – complete with tape covering up the branding on the phone. Google said that this was the first time it had shown a working phone in Europe.

When asked to demonstrate an actual call on the device, Google’s Mike Jennings was quoted as saying:

“I can’t show it off any more, I’ll be out of a job.”

He also mentioned that there is no reason that the Android OS couldn’t be used on an embedded device in decidedly non-phone related applications.

You can get a bit more information by reading TechRadar’s report from the event.

[via EngadgetMobile]