Google ships Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 starting November 13, with no pre-orders

by: Varun RajNovember 11, 2012

Waiting for Google’s Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 to be available in the Play Store to book your orders in advanced? Well, you may have to wait till November 13, when Google starts shipping both devices. However, there will be no pre-orders available to buyers this time, according to a Google PR person confirmed that spoke to Android Police.

It’s not known yet whether the new Nexus devices will go on sale on midnight or in the morning. Guesses are that orders might be taken from the wee hours of the morning so that the phone and the tablet can be shipped the same day. So if you order one on November 13,  you may have it in your hands by the next day.

This news may apply to other countries as well, where release dates for the two devices are also set for November 13, but we have no official details for you.

Don’t want to miss the launch? You could go to Play Store and sign up to be notified by email when the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are ready for release. Right now the page shows a “Notify me,” message which will change to “Available” once Google starts taking orders.

Are you setting alarms/reminders for Tuesday?

  • Benni Bennetsen

    Uhh.. Pre-order is also the weirdest thing.. why would you do that :=)

    • bozzykid

      Why? So you could ship the phones on time and know how much demand you have for the product. Otherwise, it will be a disaster like the Nexus 7 and Chromebook launch.

      • Juan Claudio

        Not always the case it all depends on the company and logistics in place. I had preordered a Galaxy Note 2 from Att on the 25th of Oct. I am getting it on Fedex on Nov.12 that equals to 4 days late after coming out in stores. Not cool, I called and complained, and at least they took care of me and gave me the 36 dollar activation fee waived.

  • ChochiWpg

    I have already signed up to be notified and I will be setting my alarm. If it does go on sale at midnight, would that be midnight in the time zone where you are located, or midnight Pacific Time since that’s where Google’s head office is located?

  • YummiBrownie

    I really hope it’ll be available right at midnight. I’ll be refreshing the page like crazy! and have my credit card in hand ready :) The wait is almost over! I just hope I get it in time before they’re out of stock. LG better have a hefty load available and ready to ship out. It’s going to be insane!

  • Randy Sylmar

    Here’s to hoping Google understands what they are doing as far as production goes. The whole fiasco with the chromebook was literally a disaster. They made an affordable product that has been backordered/sold out continuously for almost a month upon pre-order release. They make one of the fastest tablets in the market at yet another affordable $100 less than the newest iPad and only about $80 more than the iPad Mini.

    Because I am one of those few that like having a hands on try before I buy, I am hoping to see it reach actual stores before it is Sold Out again. Samsung and Google better be ready this time.

  • Khalid Alrashidi

    i preordered mine from handtec since they ship internationally to my country
    hope handtech provide it on 13th or 14th max

  • ashish2199

    I am getting jealous of you people who will be able to get thier nexus4 so early and at such a low price … I also want to get one but no playstore in my country and LG will be pricing the phone around 550$ can any one send me one nexus 4 please

    • Abdull Fattal

      which country do you want it to be shipped to?

      • Ashish Padalkar

        To India ,110023 :)

  • 1droidfan

    I will just head over to Walmart on my lunch break tomorrow and buy one. This isnt the iPad, there wont be lines out the wazoo.

    • P233asw

      This is not available at Walmart and probably will not be for months. Google is technically selling it at a discount, in other retail stores, it may cost as much as $550 (read the other article on this)!

      • Another Name

        walmart will sell the 32GB version for $499. it’s already in the system and expected to be in stores first week of december. also, it looks as though official accessories for the nexus 7 will be available in walmart stores by next week. nexus 10 accessories to soon follow.

        • P233asw

          You have the completely wrong idea, I am talking about the Nexus 4 (the phone), not the Nexus 10 (tablet).

          • Another Name

            ha. i was half asleep while reading comments and back and forth between different sites reading about nexus 4 and nexus 10. you are totally right. that’s what i get for having like 17 tabs open all about nexus devices.

  • Manuel Melgar

    I really want this phone, I sold my Galaxy S3 to buy a Nexus 4, pure Google experience, but there’s no Play Store for devices in Honduras! Any help?

    • MS

      You can always download the Play Store from somewhere on the internet. If that doesn’t work, you’d have to root the device

      • Another Name

        walmart will sell the 32GB version for $499. it’s already in the system and expected to be in stores first week of december. also, it looks as though official accessories for the nexus 7 will be available in walmart stores by next week. nexus 10 accessories to soon follow.

        • Manuel Melgar

          Thanks for the info, but I just can’t wait ’till december :'(

      • Manuel Melgar

        It’s not about the Play Store on my device, it’s just that I can’t access the store when I want to buy a device from the Play Store, see the attached image.

  • Ahmed AbouElnour

    it also says 3-5 days shipping So if you order one on November 13, you may NOT have it in your hands by the next day.

    is it possible to buy it from retail store offline ? at the same day

  • Chris Kautz

    Nexus 10 32gb arrived today (16th nov 10.20am gmt , wow , impressed . comes with charger and mini usb cable for charging. Thats it .Keeping the protective film on until proper screen protectors are available. It was ordered 13th nov @ 10.48am gmt and confirmation email arrived @ 11.02am gmt . I had no problem ordering , only refreshed 3 times and created an account to pay . Very impressed with google for a pleasant experience