Google Now has evolved considerably since it first debuted with Jelly Bean, not only through software improvements but through back-end changes as well. Today Google has revealed a new back-end change to Search that isn’t exactly a massive deal, but still pretty darn useful. In short, you can correct Google Now if it misinterprets a word when you speak to it using your voice.

An example directly from Google is the word “baroque”, which now incorrectly translates as broke, though the feature could be useful for a number of words or situations where it doesn’t understand you quite right. So how do you correct a misunderstood word? After you say the original Google Now command, simply follow up with “OK Google: No, I said (correct word here)” and it should adjust accordingly.

This might not be a big deal for single word inquiries, but it could be useful if it only messed up the last word in a full sentence. The new feature should be working for everyone now, and I can personally confirm it works just fine on my end. What do you think, a useful change or something that you probably won’t use regularly?

Andrew Grush
Andrew is dedicated to reporting on the latest developments in the world of Android, and is very passionate about mobile technology and technological innovation in general. While he appreciates Android in all of its forms, he prefers a clean stock experience when possible and currently rocks a Nexus 5. Andrew also loves to engage with his readers, and welcomes well-thought-out conversations and responses in the comments section!
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