More Nexus Prime Details Marching In, Wi-Fi Certification This Time

by: Elmer MontejoAugust 26, 2011

The infamous Samsung GT-I9250 quietly passed through Wi-Fi-certifying authorities for its seal of approval yesterday. This very same Samsung handset caused quite a stir when details about it appeared in a controversial leaked Samsung roadmap, which listed it as the only upcoming Samsung smartphone with Android 2.4/4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

Being the only ICS-bearing Android wonderphone on the list, the almost-unanimous verdict of speculators and rumor mills was a loud and clear: “It’s the Google Nexus Prime!”

There’s a Kind of Hush

Samsung’s lips are tightly zipped as far as the Nexus Prime is concerned. But, if it was any clue, Samsung did try to quiet down the bees that passed on the leaked roadmap from one hive to another. The move only created further suspicion that the list does contain something juicy–and Samsung didn’t want to preempt any official media stunts that it has on its drawing board.

As the days pass by, the fog surrounding the Samsung-is-making-the-Nexus-Prime rumor slowly lifts. The latest potential bombshell–if the sources are authentic–is Samsung’s own legal department’s implicit admission of two things: the Nexus Prime is being primed, and Samsung is doing the priming.

There’s a Kind of Bustle

Even Korean sources tell of tales of hearing Samsung’s phone mill grinding fast to catch up with the rumored debut of the Nexus Prime in October. Korean carriers have also been reportedly readying their red carpets, horns, and confetti in preparation for the Nexus Prime’s first and official public appearance.

While all of those are happening, the Nexus Prime’s shadow appears briefly at Verizon, which led a lot of people to believe that the shadow’s real owner is coming to Verizon.

Ice-Cream-Sandwich-Flavored Dreams

No doubt, the Google Nexus Prime is in many people’s dreams and in many of Android’s competitors nightmares, simply because the Nexus Prime’s reputation of power overwhelming precedes it. Its rumored specs will crush its chief competitor’s rumored specs as the sole of your shoe crushes a cockroach. That is power overwhelming, based on rumor overwhelming. The prophets have spoken: the Nexus Prime is not primus inter pares–the first among equals. It will simply be the primum–the first, no equal.

Abilities Overwhelming

Here’s the litany of the Nexus Prime’s praiseworthy rumored abilities:

  • Android 2.4/4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (with its famed 180% increase in performance over Android 3.x Honeycomb)
  • 4.65-inch (other sources say 4.5-inch) Super AMOLED Plus (or even HD) touchscreen
  • Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 (or 4460) dual-core processor clocked anywhere between 1.5 GHz and 1.8 GHz
  • 1280×720 HD display resolution
  • at least 1.0 GB of RAM
  • at least 32 GB of internal storage

Alas, however, no word has been spread regarding the Nexus Prime’s battery. So, we cannot sing praises of the Nexus Prime’s battery performance yet.

Which Android smartphone’s hymn are you singing these days?

  • I’m not seeing anything thus far about expandable memory. The Nexus S I don’t believe came with an expandable micro SD card slot. Is this the new trend for Google/Android flagship phones?

    • Jaonea

      we don’t know a lot things but a flagship without expandable memory? impossible for me

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  • Tybenton

    What ever happen to making the Nexus phone line across the board on the cell carriers?

  • Zenmaster1

    From what has been leaked so far the prime looks pretty good. I am a little disappointed in the Bionic, more like ironic at this point. and if the Sammy is as good as it seems it will make the bionic look moronic!