Google Self-Driving Car

Having goods shipped to your door is something that’s been making people’s lives easier for a very, very long time. As transportation and shipping services have evolved, so has the speed on delivery. As of now, we can usually get something delivered in 24 hours. Google, among others, is looking to change that.

Other companies, such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and others have been developing the idea of same day shipping. In essence, you order an item and it’s delivered to your door step in just a few hours. This would be fantastic for the online shopping community. Google has been making plans to do this as well.

The service has been live in San Francisco for a little while now. However, it is currently only for Google employees, their families, and their friends. Instead of getting into commerce and keeping warehouses, Google’s plan is to partner up with companies that have these things and simply deliver the items. According to the New York Times, a well known apparel company is already involved in this concept with Google.

Get to the part about Google using self-driving cars already.

Okay, so Google’s plan for same day deliveries is awesome. What’s even more awesome is that they plan on using their self-driving cars to do it. Just imagine, a legion of cars without drivers delivering your new gadget or clothing items directly to your curb. Then you can retrieve it and the car goes off to its next delivery.

This is an amazing concept. With no drivers to pay and, thus, no scheduling conflicts, Google’s self-driving cars can deliver things day and night. So when that wine you’re drinking makes you impulse buy that Star Wars themed Android charger in the middle of the night, Google’s self-driving cars will have it there before morning.

Online shopping is already pretty popular. People buy things online all the time. So would the addition of same day shipping be the next big thing and make it even more popular? More importantly, would you use a service like this? Let us know.

Joe Hindy
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  • But how will I know when it’s at my house?

    • Given how this is integrated with Google products, you’ll likely be able to do something like see it on Google Maps when it’s in transit, receive notifications via gmail or gTalk, ect.

      • johnjacob2girls1millcups

        Ima poop in your mouth

  • philnolan3d

    Well it couldn’t deliver in the middle of the night. Someone still has to get the package out of it so it can leave.

    • pdxuser

      That’s what BufferBox is for. And I’m sure Google would be happy to sell you your own curbside receptacle that their driverless delivery pods can interact with.

  • William

    Someone is going to have a stroke, once they see a car driving without a person in it.

  • prolifik

    What’s to stop someone from taking the other packages in the car? Unless they plan on dispatching one car per delivery. In that case, it would completely obliterate traffic in any given area with a bunch of driverless cars. I do like the concept and wish it luck but they will need to find a way to be more efficient at it if it is to go mainstream vs just being for google employees, family and friends.

    • Omar W

      there can be a locker type layout with automated locking and unlocking, different doors at different times.

  • Omar W

    This is f***ing awsome!

  • Dave Myers, Cincinnati

    Taxpayers are being asked fund a $2,000,000,000 bridge across the Ohio River because an I-75 bridge is overloaded. Smaller trucks, more trucks, scheduled in off-hours, could ease overloading. Smaller trucks might persuade some people to drive smaller cars. Driverless technology will reduce bulk on our expressways. Transportation gets more efficient as it gets more granular and less bulky. Please keep developing driverless trucks.

  • Schoonover Peter