Google Releases Android 4.0.2 Update for Galaxy Nexus

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 13, 2012
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Even though Android 4.0 can be considered fairly new, Google has released an Android 4.0.2 update for the GSM Galaxy Nexus. If you’re still on Android 4.0.1, you will receive an automatic notification reminding you to update your phone to 4.0.2. If not, you can do it manually by following this:

Go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update

 The update has included important bug fixes so it’s best that you update your system. The update has a total size of 8.8MB and is available OTA.


If you’ve already updated your phone, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

  • Zippo_rocks

    upgraded fine last night but since then it has caused my phone to randomly turn off, for examply ii was listening to music and its literally just stopped. it wasn’t even a restart, i had to actually use the on button to boot up the device.

    • Henry Tse

      it happened to me, and after a few time now in continuous reboot loop itself.

      • kas

        Seems like it happens when you move out of the wifi range of an access point that you’ve been using. Happened for me just as I was getting out of my home wifi range.

  • Atifullah123

    On 4.0.1 i was getting freezing and crash when using multiple apps. Since update to 4.0.2 ive not had any problems as of yet. Will post if i have any issues. So far so good.

  • Bagsandluggage

    My battery life has become terrible. I am getting a lot more app freezes.

  • Murthy Md

    I have major problem, the system update option is not available on my nexus prime, pls help me if any one can fix this problem for, pls mail ur help on

  • Viv

    im still on 4.0.1 and it says that my phone is up to date.. how can i get the update?

    • Jaxx_utah

      I am having the same prompt. Did you manage to get it updated to 4.0.2?

      • Mbrooks2

        Im also having the same problem

  • Ahmad Reda ghaddar

    i have update my galaxy nexus to 4.0.2 but the wifi still has problem of signal and stability
    pls advice for any help. also battery problem.
    download app from market its very slow .