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If you’ve loved the idea of Google’s Project Fi but wanted to wait until more users could be on the same plan, we have some good news: Google has just introduced family plans to Project Fi!

Now up to six people can be on one plan, which will certainly make it easier for families and groups of friends to pay their bills, track their data usage and manage settings. Adding new members to your Fi account is easy (and pretty cheap, too). It costs just $15/month per line for Fi Basics (unlimited talk and text), and just like with individual plans each gigabyte of data will cost you $10. Of course, you’ll still get refunded for your unused data, so you’ll never pay for what you don’t use.

There are no contracts or long-term commitments, either, so members can easily join and leave plans as they please without worrying about cancelation fees.

Members can easily join and leave plans as they please without worrying about cancelation fees

So what are the benefits to joining a family plan? For starters, you’ll only pay one bill, not a separate one for each member. Account members can still view their personal data usage in the Project Fi app, and account managers can take that one step further and view usage per member. This way you’ll no longer have to guess how much data each person has been using. Account managers will also be able to add data safeguards to make sure a member doesn’t go overboard. You’ll receive data usage breakdowns per app to help you figure out what’s driving data usage to make more informed decisions.

Since this is Google’s mobile network, you’ll have to have a Google phone. Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL are compatible with the network, and the company will continue to sell the Nexus 6P and 5X through the Project Fi site. What’s more, Google is offering $100 off the Nexus 6P and $150 off the Nexus 5X when you buy and activate through Project Fi. That puts the 6P at just $399 or $16.63/month, and the 5X at only $199 or $8.29/month. Not bad at all!

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October 27, 2016

These new family plans (or group plans, as Google is calling them) are available today. If you’re a current Fi subscriber, just head to your Fi account page to start inviting people. For those who want to switch from another carrier, head to the link attached below for more information.

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  • greatestNothing

    cricket still a better deal. 5 lines for 100 amd they all get talk/text/2.5 gb of data. would be 40 per line on fi

    • manattan

      It all depends on the data. I’ve used two gigs already this month and last month used about 9 gigs. How much does that cost on cricket or fi ?

      • greatestNothing

        an individual line on cricket would be 60(55 with autopay)..that amount on fi would be 105…

      • Michael Huss

        And 2.5gb – 40 (35 w/ autopay) and its on AT&T towers, not t-mobile or sprint

        • greatestNothing

          i quoted the $60 plan because he said 9 gb and the $60 plan gets 10 gb.

    • Eric

      I guess it depends how much data you actually use on average. Our family plan on verizon is for 8 gigs. We get a 22% discount through work, bringing our 4 lines and 8 gigs to 135 (It would be $150 normally). If we used the full 8 gigs on fi, it would cost $145. However, most months we use some where between 3-5 gigs. For every gig we don’t use of that 8, we would save $10. So if we only use 4 gigs, we are only spending $105, which is allot of savings.

      Verizon is the only cellular service that gets decent reception inside our house, and some times it is still sketchy. This won’t be an issue with fi as you can make calls over wifi. Google phones are suppose to have some interesting data saving features too. Best of all, no ridiculous fees for going slightly over your data plan, and you get refunded when you go under.

      All in all, its a hell of a deal for us. You may want to check out how much data you use on average. You probably use more than 2, but if you don’t its the same or better deal.

      • Stephen Lemelin

        Myself and my business partner have been using it for 6 months to test out use cases to see if we wanted to switch our families.. Fi is a great deal for certain people.

        1. If you are normal office worker / student with free wireless at work and wifi at home this plan ROCKS! We both average under $30 per month. When we switch to family that should be closer to $25 per month.
        2. Someone who travels a lot. I travel to Canada and Mexico for business, the fact that I have to do 0 when I cross the border is worth it alone.
        3. People who switch between coverage areas. While this is rare for most, my business partner lives far outside normal sub-burbs with his home in a sprint area, but work in a sprint poor area, but great t-mobile. So again he is a special case.
        4. People who don’t want a long term plan. Google is great to jump on and jump off of. They also allow features like hot spots to be just the cost of data and easily turned on or off right on the phone. No calls or plan changes.
        5. The actual software, since it is a CLEAN OS, even on the same hardware there is a noticeable difference because there is none of the bloat providers put on.
        6. Flat rate pricing. Reading a Fi bill is simple there are no hidden charges and layers of legal ease. That is great when you say… forget to turn off the hotspot and it downloads a windows patch…. you get a warning and know what your error will cost.
        7. So while it may no always be the cheapest, I find it the most flexible and easy to use.
        8. One odd thing was they had really great customer support for technical issues. When I set it up the guy was a CCNP on the phone and stayed on for 45 minutes to make sure every feature worked?!?? Apparently they are the best paid phone support people in history.

  • sloheim


  • Diskus1

    Google Play Store for hardware in Sweden now has Chromecast only. No tablets, no phones on sale… What gives!? I’ve waited a year for Pixel C now…

    • Henrique Freitas

      in portugal there’s nothing more than chromecast too

    • Player Slayer

      Uh, if you really want a Pixel C, just buy onw off the internet. Or wait for the new Pixel tablet that’s gonna be made by Huawei.

  • mark

    They’re still selling them? Here in the UK they’re only advertising the Pixels; even from other retailers, Nexus 6P is listed as sold out/discontinued everywhere I’ve seen.

    • BreadFish64

      Only through the project fi site

  • watts cooler

    My family is currently on T-mobile and thinking on trying Project Fi. Does Project Fi provides better cell signal than T-mobile?

    • Michael Huss

      It’s Tmobile and Sprint combined. Just do Cricket. It’s owned by AT&T and much more practical for families

    • BreadFish64

      Project fi can access T-mobile’s, Sprint’s, and US cellular’s networks, and Wifi and connects to the one with the best signal. So yes

  • CR

    Except the only new phones are the exorbitantly priced Pixel phones. I currently have a Nexus 6p, but it’s likely Project Fi and I will part ways when I get a new phone.

    • Eric

      They are priced the same as other flagships with the same hardware/build/specs. Nexus phones were so cheep because they were part of a developer phone program. They were never designed to turn a profit, and it wouldn’t make sense for google to go mainstream with phones that offered no real return.

      Just because google gave you a hell of a deal before, dose not mean the pixel is “exorbitantly priced.”

  • Dan Maali

    im not seeing those price points that you are claiming on their site. ive been watching since the pixel launch for a price drop

    • Player Slayer

      Not sure where you’re coming from. The 5X on Fi’s website is listed for just $200. If you want it for even lower than that, you’re insane.

      • Dan Maali

        that’s for the 16g which has been out of stock forever and i don’t believe they’re replenishing them

    • Eric

      Currently the 5x is $199 and the 6p is $499

      • Dan Maali

        199 is for the 16g which has been out of stock forever

  • Julian

    Meanwhile, in Germany I pay 10 euro ($11) per month for 6 GB data per month, and pay-as-I-go for my calls (if any) at 0,7 (landline)/3ct (mobile) to 9ct per minute, depending on if I can use my VoIP or not (need good connection for VoIP calls). The wonderful magic of dual sim phones and cheap data contracts.

  • rvermausa

    I like all the features and price for project fi but coverage is not that good. The phone calls drops while you are driving in most places and also certain part of town you can not even make a phone call. And also sometime data would not work.

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  • joe

    pixel phones are too expensive

  • Sean Q.

    Project Fi $20 Discount code: 2FR4X9
    Use this and it’ll save you (and me both) $20 each!
    *Apparently only usable for the first 10 referrals.

  • clavier

    Is the discount on the 6P still a thing?
    Their FAQ says the 5X is still discounted, nothing about the 6P though.

  • Sean Q.

    Project Fi $20 Referral code: 2FR4X9
    $20 off when you sign up!
    *Apparently only usable for the first 10 referrals.