Google+ will now power Youtube comments, new system will focus on comment relevancy

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 25, 2013


When you want excellent reviews and hands on videos, feel like watching kittens being adorable, or are simply looking to watch a music video – you probably find yourself on YouTube. On the other hand, when you are looking for stimulating conversations and top-notch comments, YouTube’s comment section is probably the last place you’d ever look. Google wants to change that!

On Tuesday, Youtube announced that their comment system is getting a major overhaul, and will now be powered by Google+. The goal here will be to show relevant comments first, not just the most recently posted video responses.

So what makes a comment relevant? Three things: up-votes, the commenter’s community engagement and the commenter rep.

In other words, the channel owner’s comments will be prioritized, and so will well known YouTube participants. As for the random guy or gal who always says “First” when watching a vid? Yah, they will quickly find themselves sinking to the bottom of the list. The same will be true for other spam, hate speech and simply comments that seem to have absolutely nothing to do with the video.

[quote qtext=”Currently, you see comments from the last random person to stop by. The new system tries to surface the most meaningful conversation to you. We’re trying to shift from comments to meaningful conversations.” qperson=”Nundu Janakiram” qsource=”YouTube product manager” qposition=”center”]

Outside of making comments more relevant, Youtube is also providing several cool Google+ related features. For instance, if you comment on a Google+ post with a YouTube video embedded in it, the comment will now show up on YouTube as well.

When in YouTube, you’ll also find comments from people in your circles are also closer to the top of the list. YouTube will also allow you to comment about videos publicly or privately to people in your circles.


Does the new Google+ integration mean that your YouTube identity is a thing of the past? Not really.

Rest assured, you can still use pseudonyms and maintain a bit of separation between the two services. This isn’t just about “forcing folks to Google+” like conspiracy theorists might have you believe, it’s about making comments better and helping reduce the presence of hate and spam.

For channel owners and uploaders, you’ll also be happy to know that Google is giving you the power to better moderate comments and conversations within your channel and videos. This includes the ability to blacklist words, whitelist specific commenters and more.

The switch to the new Google+ powered comment system will go into effect on the channel discussion tab starting this week, and will make its way to all YouTube videos in the months to come.

What if you (for whatever reason) don’t want relevant comments, and simply wish for things to stay the same? No worries, Google will have a drop-down menu that allows you to switch to “recency”, which will present comments in the order that they were posted in.

  • Tulai Paul

    It has become inevitable. The more focus should be on the links and back links, which are purely done as part of SEO endeavor. However, it will not caste any radical impact on the mobile apps developers as they are getting premium prices from admob, revmob or appnext.

  • MasterMuffin

    No more working home and gaining $5000 month or any sextapes from anyone anymore! Most welcome addition to Youtube for ages :)

    • samsparkin

      No more astrologers either

      • MasterMuffin

        Never seen those! Also self advertising bye bye :)

  • Luka Mlinar

    In a few years pages like 4chan will be illegal and taken down sooner than any torrent site. I don’t like it. It kind of ruins the Internet for me.

  • raindog469

    “As for the random guy or gal who always says “First” when watching a
    vid? Yah, they will quickly find themselves sinking to the bottom of the

    You realize that anyone who posts “first” right now is already at or near the bottom of the list, right? Comments are sorted newest to oldest, with a few highlighted (high-voted or posted by the uploader) comments at the top.

    This accomplishes nothing except taking control away from viewers, who currently can upvote comments to have them appear at the top or mark them as spam to have them hidden. Oh yeah, and as the “conspiracy theorists” say, getting more people to sign up for G+, which you acknowledge is at least partly accurate by qualifying what you said with the word “just”. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks Google’s intentions are; that is going to be the principal effect of this change.

    I don’t think G+ is bad — I made an account when I thought it had a chance of supplanting Facebook, but fewer than 10% of my friends have made the jump in the two years since — but I will not be putting my full, real name on the Youtube comments I’ve made and videos I’ve posted with my username over the last ten years, nor do I want people to be able to click through to my G+ profile. They’re all going to be deleted if that happens. I didn’t do anything especially embarrassing, and it’s not hard to link my ID to my name, but those of us who have had stalkers in the past aren’t interested in enabling new ones.

    I miss the days when Google was trying to unseat Altavista and Yahoo, and did so by having the best search without the cross-selling, tracking and “I know you typed this, but my algorithm knows what you *meant* to say” we have now.

  • Paul K Deuster

    Well done so far YouTube! I hope you are doing the offline viewing right!

  • William Worlde

    I don’t think this is unique to YT though. Just look at your (and other blogs) Comments section. It may be understandable why someone would like something, BUT if you’re going to vote something down/dislike it, GIVE A BLOODY reason!

    Not giving a reason/comment why you dislike someone’s commentary means nothing! You’re providing no useful insight and should just STFU!

    Bearing that in mind, I think blogs should either force a commentary if you’re choosing to dislike a comment or remove the dislike option altogether.

    Btw, I really don’t care if you dislike my comment without giving a reason; go for it!

    • aplusjimages

      So if there’s five spams in a comment section and I want to dislike them all, you think I should give additional time to explain why? If you’re finding that your comments are constantly being down/disliked it might be your tone and not the community at large.

      • MasterMuffin

        Aaand I disliked his comment without giving a reason :D

      • William Worlde

        Why would you want to waste your time responding to spam? Just ignore it, as it’s not bringing value to the conversation.

        As an example, there are two negative comments to my post; however, I’m taking time to respond to only one. It’s that simple.

        Also, I wasn’t referring to my posts specifically. In addition, I wouldn’t even down-vote your comment; there is simply no reason to. Btw, thanks for your comment!