A new version of the Google+ app has now arrived to Google Play, which not only brings improved performance but also adds several new features to the mix.

So what’s all new? First up, photos now support both Android Beam and Daydream. That means you can not only share photos via NFC, but you can also view your pics in screensaver mode when charging your handset.

Another big change is that whenever you open “Locations”, the map will automatically update and provide the latest location data for all your Google+ contacts. Google is also bringing plenty of bug fixes and performance boasts, though they don’t go into any specifics.

In Google’s usual fashion, this is a staged rollout — but a word of caution here: even if it’s available to you, you might want to wait off on downloading it.

Apparently some folks are having connectivity issues with the new update, which reportedly is caused by debug code that was left behind in the app. More than likely Google will get the app fixed in short order, but it’s still worth mentioning.

For those that already downloaded the update, are you having any problems or is it working just fine?

Update: As mentioned by one of our commenters below, if you did download the new version of Google+ and are running into issues — there’s an easy temporary fix while will wait for Google to fix the problem. To resolve the problem, go to settings>under account settings click on your email>Developer Settings>Frontend Configuration> change it to PROD. This should hopefully solve this issue.

Andrew Grush
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