Google Plus redesigned: multi-column view, related hashtags and more

May 15, 2013
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Google has just announced a redesign of the Google Plus application. The UI is now more streamlined and maximizes the screen space for your feed. Google has removed the sidebar and placed all the navigation tools at the top.

The new design also creates a dynamic multi-column view, which means that depending on the size of your screen, your Google Plus stream will be a single column, two column or three columns wide. Google also offer the ability to go back to the old design, if you so choose.


The new redesign also adds a feature called “related hashtags”, allowing users to browse through related photos by clicking on the current photo and looking at related hashtags on the flip side of the photo.

Google has also released “intelligent hashtags” for photos, meaning Google analyzes the photo, and places a hashtag on the post. For instance, if you take a photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background, your post will automatically contain the hashtag “eiffeltower”. You can also choose to remove the hashtag as well, and to opt-out of the feature.

The new Google Plus redesign will be rolling out this afternoon, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

Like the new redesign of Google Plus? Which feature excites you most? Let us know in the comments.


  • MasterMuffin

    Much better than the old one, it was a bit messy

  • Victor Loureiro

    Pretty nice, though the share box disappears when you scroll down. Should be fixed or a floater.

    • Ilyas

      Will the new look come to mobile devices?

  • Ilyas

    Anyone know if the new layout and look of G+ is coming to mobile?

  • asdf

    The new interface somehow messed up my settings and is putting nasty stuff in my stream. Wish they would just stick with one crappy interface and quit moving things around…

  • Robrick Guarin

    For the first time, I think I stayed in G+ longer than in FB. Something good must have been happening

  • Coy Davidson

    multi column view?….its GoogleBook timeline

  • Google Plus Cover Photo
  • HackyDacky

    I do not like the change. Before, when I muted an entry, it disappeared and another one rolled up to take its place, but now, all that happens is the rectangle it was in goes blank.

    Before I could get a dozen or more entries in a single view, but now I’m limited to two or three.

    I’m going back to the old view (if I can figure out how to do that.)

  • James

    Really it looks are amazing but still I am seeing that it requires some more attention as it should be easier to use and for the Hashtags I would prefer to add any other thing in it.

    Digital Marketing Expert

  • heffinffer

    the new design of google is far better than the previious one.

  • cutyin

    oh gosh great design of the new google and hashtag are awesome.

  • Milly

    this is the best that can be done by google, it is simple and creative technology work by google.

  • Larissa Hadley

    Google plus will beat the facebook soon

  • Marcellina Helen

    This great design of the new google and hashtag are awesome. it is simple and creative technology work by google.