Google Plus photos allude to a Galaxy Camera successor, 20.2MP shooter included

by: Adam KoueiderJune 9, 2013
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Samsung Galaxy Camera

Following a flurry of Galaxy S4 Zoom leaks, we began to question whether Samsung was releasing an actual camera phone, or a successor to the Galaxy Camera. However, it looks as if Samsung is taking the connected camera seriously this year, as it appears to be gearing up to release both a Galaxy S4 Zoom and a successor to the Galaxy Camera.

TechTastic spotted a trio of photographs that appeared on Google Plus, which seem to reveal the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2. The model number for the camera that took the photographs is EK-GN120, which could be a successor to the Galaxy Camera, which has model number of EK-GC100.

The photographs also revealed that the Galaxy Camera 2 will feature a 20.2-megapixel shooter, which is the same as the camera used on the Samsung NX300. This looks to be an upgrade from the original Galaxy Camera’s 16.2-megapixel camera, but we don’t know a whole lot else about the device.

If it does follow the Galaxy Camera’s suit, the device will be running Android and will be another attempt at the connected camera.

A connected camera is a device that has at least Wi-Fi connectivity (the original Galaxy Camera also came in a 3G variant), and allows you to upload photos directly to the cloud or your favourite social network.

When we reviewed the original Galaxy Camera we found it to be a decent attempt at a smart camera, but we found its battery life and low light capabilities to be a bit lacking.

Samsung does have an event scheduled for June 20 in London, so we may very well see the new camera then. Alternatively, we could see it appear at IFA in Berlin, Germany, the same event where its predecessor was unveiled at last year. Remember, there is nothing official yet, so don’t get your hopes up even though it appears as if a Galaxy Camera 2 is coming!

Are you sold on the whole connected camera idea?

  • paulikxp

    I’ve owned the GC100 for some 7 months or so, have even been the first customer in the UK to buy one officially (at the launch event in Samsung’s flagship store one day prior to the general start). In the end I sold it only recently in favour of the absolutely fabulous NX300 of which the only disadvantage over the Galaxy Camera is its size. The tiny image sensor of the Galaxy Camera disappointed from every angle, the heavy Android slowed everything down (despite the 1.4GHz quad core processor!), some more buttons like on the NX cameras are definitely needed. That barrel-mockup on the screen for setting aperture/shutter/ISO was a nice idea but didn’t work at all, to quickly you can slide off the one ‘ring’, changing something else accidentally or, happened all too often for me – changing from manual to some sort of automatic mode or even to video mode. Instant sharing is a nice feature to have, but the need for another SIM card makes it less interesting especially if you can have such good sharing options like on the NX series cameras via wifi.
    However, using a 20.2MP sensor in the alledged GN-120 (why the change from GC to GN – that might even hint towards the NX series with interchangeable lens! Why only such a small jump from a type number 100 (3G) or 110 (Wifi only) to 120 rather than to 200 as they normally do?) doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same APS-C sized sensor from the NX300. The NX210 also comes with a sensor of that size and resolution but lacks the dual mode autofocus for a start. They could also come up with a much smaller sensor with that resolution, mind you!
    Whatever they are going to show in London, it might be sort of interesting or even very useful, but in the end it might only thought to be a good idea but doesn’t work out in day to day life like with the GC100. An Android powered NX camera would only be logical so let’s see what they bring on!

  • Abdul

    I’ll throw in my two cents opinion.
    Cancel the Galaxy S4 Zoom because its more of an S4 Mini than an S4, in other words its going to create brand dilution of the S series and Samsung is gonna loose S4 sales as a result.
    Secondly, make the Galaxy Camera’s successor more capable, I mean whats the use of putting a small sensor in a camera when its primary purpose is to take photos?
    Add call and messaging functionality to the next generation of the Galaxy Camera and I’m sure its gonna be worthy for its price.

    • 윌 스튜어트

      I completely agree, I don’t like what Samsung is doing with its brand with all its spin-offs of the Galaxy S4.

      (Unrelated) I’ve got bad news, Gsmarena banned me too! I only replied to a troll (not swearing) and they ban me. But I still can make another account and comment (which I am). And Gsmarena is depressing now – they’ve banned and deleted soo many people now only 2 people commented on articles today about; Samsung & Apple, which normally get dozens of comments.

      • Abdul

        Damn, that’s bad :/
        Luckily if you don’t have a static IP like mine, then I guess you can make another account, right?

        • 윌 스튜어트

          Yeah I already have. But the website is soo depressing now hardly anyone comments your not missing much.

          • Abdul

            Yeah Its sad :/