Google+ gets Snapseed editing tools for photos

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 12, 2013

Google+ Photo Enhancements

Google+ has undergone another minor update, which could have some major impacts for your photos. When opening a photo from your album on the desktop, you’ll see a few new features under the “edit” tab. The fresh editing tools are pulled directly from Snapseed, a popular mobile photo editing tool.

Snapseed quickly made its way onto a variety of Android devices after Google acquired Nik software late last year, shortly before the Android version of Snapseed became available. The addition of desktop editing tools to Google+ almost directly mimics the Android version, tabs and all. You can mix and match your effects, and even go back to the original if you don’t like what you’ve done.

Josh Haftel made the announcement of the changes via his Google+ page, and notes the enhancements are rolling out incrementally. Some of the Snapseed-esque enhancements can already be made via the Google+ mobile app, but they’re not as robust as the desktop version.

While some of the Snapseed tools are missing — like Auto Enhancement, which was already worked into Google+ — the rest are there, and just as easy to use as the desktop version. Everything from adjusting the contrast to adding drama to a shot is there, so open up a photo in Google+ on Chrome (or any browser) and get creative!

  • Omran Terro

    I hope that G+ take over Facebook soon…

    • mrjayviper

      different target audiences I think.

    • APai

      actually, it’s good that we dont have all the sheep on G+ facebook is a massive mess, and i’m glad it exists. i dont see the spammy mail forwards from friends – it has instead moved onto facebook! we are truly blessed to have facebook in that respect. just make sure you aren’t on facebok as well :P

      • you can filter what you see in your home-screen, so we can have all the sheep from Fb.

  • Timothy Anderson

    I tried this from my Samsung chromebook and it says it needs to be from a desktop…. why? I wonder if it works with an x86 based chrome book.

  • 72goojman72

    Definitely a great feature..