Google+ backed up photos can now be easily shared through Gmail

by: Andrew GrushApril 15, 2014


If you’re like myself, you probably use your phone for the vast majority of the pictures you take and only break out the DSRL for the ‘big stuff’. More than likely, this also means you already have all your photos auto-backed up to the cloud.

Backing up to the cloud is a great way to ensure that your photos remain protected and easily shared, regardless of what happens to your phone. With that in mind, Google is now making the sharing process even easier thanks to a new photo attachment button in Gmail. At least for now, the new button is only for the web-version of the email service. Of course, adding a G+ backed-up photo is already possible on Android 4.4 KitKat using the Photo app.


So what exactly does the “insert photo” button do? In short, clicking the button brings up a “Google Photos” box that contains all your automatically and manually uploaded G+ photos. You simply select the photo you wish to share as either an attachment or inline, and that’s about it. In addition to sharing individual photos, it’s also possible to share entire albums as well.

The new photo insert button might not be a massive change, but it’s still a welcome way to easily share your photos from Google+, and will be rolling out starting today.

  • Phil Rigby

    I’d like to get some people’s feedback on this – right now Google give us Google Drive, Google Photos (ex Picassa) and Auto Backup. Which do people think is the best way to share stuff? Or do people prefer to just push up to Facebook and/or G+?

    These are thoughts for discussion, not flame bait – I’d like to hear what people think is reasonable.

    • kile

      I always just go to my gallery or quickpic and select the photos I’m about to email, then press the share button and the outlook icon. It’s easier and quicker.
      Going through my email on my note means I have to select one pic at a time.
      Plus call me paranoid, but sharing photos from the gallery where they’re larger means I’m exactly sure I’m sending the right ones and not something dodgy I don’t want to send when selecting thumbnails from the email screen.