Google Play Weekly Episode 5
Welcome to this week’s episode of Google Play Weekly! It was a little bit of a slow news week, but we still found some interesting things to talk about. We were very surprised to see Roku’s anti-Chromecast update, Foursquare adds 43 million menus to their app, and Microsoft finally makes a somewhat competent appearance in the Play Store. These are the stories we mentioned this week and don’t forget to watch the video for all the news!

Here are 5 trending apps that caught our attention this week. Each link below will take you to the Play Store to download the apps.

Don’t forget to check out the video below and tune in next week for more Google Play Store news!

Google Play Weekly Episode 5 Video

Joe Hindy
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  • William Topping

    Nice to see the av companies spreading fear so people buy their chappy products.

    • JosephHindy

      Yeah I’ve never been a big fan of scare tactics to get people to buy products either. It seems rather underhanded to have to frighten people to use your product eh?

      Personally, I think they should make apps that do other things to improve your phone experience and let anti-virus be a side function instead of the main function…but that’s just me and what I’d do based on what I read from you guys (the readers/viewers) :P

  • Howard Z

    I regret buying a Chromecast.
    Roku has streaming of local video.
    If you enjoy online content providers, Roku is way ahead of chromecast in selection.

    Anyone who owns a Chromecast is simply waiting for it to deliver the functionality one though he was buying.

    And chromecast may never deliver.