Google Play Weekly Episode 4: Goodbye Nexus 4, hello new PayPal, Twitter all the things!

by: Joe HindySeptember 6, 2013

Google Play Weekly Episode 4

Welcome back for our fourth episode of Google Play Weekly. We know this last week has been dominated with hardware news thanks to IFA. It’s been a super exciting week, especially if you’re a fan of Sony and Samsung. However, that did not stop the Google Play Store and the apps in it from doing their thing. There was some pretty exciting news, so check out the video below to see more.

Linked below are the stories from the last week. If you need more info on anything we talked about today, this is where you can find them.

To close out our Google Play Weekly, here are the app links to the five trending apps we took a look at. Note, the links take you to the Play Store.

Google Play Weekly Episode 4 video

  • Always a welcome change.

  • Edwin Walker

    Hasn’t iPlayer been letting people download programmes for years? I guess that was only on PC. 4oD also now has this feature, they advertise it nonstop.