Google Play update brings in-app purchases indicator, improved social integration

by: Bogdan PetrovanDecember 6, 2013

play store update (1)

Google is rolling out a new version of its Play Store app that brings many social integration features and design tweaks.

One interesting new feature is the in-app purchases indicator that warns you that the app you are visualizing uses IAPs for monetization. Having advanced warning about IAPs should come handy to parents looking for safe apps for their kids or users that simply dislike freemium apps.

play store update (7)


Google made some changes to the design of the application to make it easier to review and star applications. The five star counter is now cleaner and bigger, and there’s also a more prominent Edit button, as well as a newly introduced option to delete your review.

The update integrates with your Google Plus profile, showing apps recommended by friends and allowing you to view their review history. Apps recommended by friends will show on top of the Recommended for You section.

Also, the app now recommends apps based on your reviews – for instance, give a five star review to a racing game, and the Play Store will show you other racing games for you to try. It’s a neat idea, similar to how Google Plus recommends users to follow based on your existing friends.

The folks at Android Police have got their hands on the .apk file, so you can get the update right now from the source link below.

  • Michael Petkov

    Integration between all Google Services should make users time in line more intuitive and seamless.


    I am loving the new Play Store! Specifically the ease of adding, editing and deleting reviews is a very handy feature!

  • xHabeasCorpusx

    Great update. I like the notice for in-app purchases. I have been seeing more and more developers try to be sneaky and say that their version is the fully version only to come to find out that it has in app purchases.

  • :(

    I don’t want the whole word/my friends/family to know what apps I use. Google is really screwing our privacy.