Play Store reportedly getting new shipping options for devices

by: Nate SwannerMay 27, 2013

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Aside from the availability of product, ordering devices from the Play Store is pretty easy. Google Checkout is reliable once set up properly, but there is one small issue that causes consumers to scratch their head. When you buy a device, you get it when they say you do.

To be fair, you currently get 2-day shipping via UPS. The issue is, not everyone will want that option. Whether inconvenient or not affordable, the singular shipping choice is just good enough. According to Droid Life, that’s all about to change.

While the report suggests it is for the “Nexus 4 family” of products, we hope to see this for all device purchases. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this, should that new white Nexus 4 make an appearance soon.

The new shipping choices, according to Droid Life, are as follows:

  • UPS two-day shipping (2 business days processing + 2 business days for delivery)
  • Ground (2 business days processing + 3-5 business days for delivery)
  • Saver (2 business days processing + 5 -10 business days for delivery)

We have reached out to Google for clarification, and will update if we hear anything further. If true, this represents a step in the right direction for the Play Store. More shipping options and stock on-hand would make them a viable option for our eCommerce decisions, not just a first-stop letdown.

  • scb1898

    Good thing about the additional shipping options. That 2 business day processing is too long.

  • DrCarpy

    Logistics wasn’t their strong point. This way people get the devices they want in a timely manner as long as production stays on task. All in all, a win all around! Yay Google!

  • Bobby Byte

    Their delivery sucked, meant I missed my Nexus because it arrived 2 weeks early !! I was away. And guess what, it went back to Google – so pissed

  • VicMatson

    If Google discloses where their nearest fulfillment center is, bingo a deal! If you are in the same UPS zone, you get it the day after it’s shipped.

  • AndroidBrian

    Cool, now I can save some money when I buy my N72.