Google Play Store redesign
In case you haven’t noticed, the Google Play Store web site’s design has just been refreshed. And now things look a lot more like what they do on the Android version of it — that is, the Google Play Store app. You may check out the new design yourself right now by going to

According to a post on the official Google Play page on Google+, the fresh new look will allow users to “play like never before” in search of apps and other downloadables for their Android-powered devices. Navigation has been simplified and apps are now at the forefront of the Play Store experience — “Recommended” stuff now sit atop the home page with plenty of unused space to go around.

In the past, the web-based Google Play store seemed robust. But now it’s the opposite. It looks like there are fewer options now than there were before. But that doesn’t mean you can do less with the redesigned Play Store, of course. It seems that Google just wanted to make the Web version function more like its Android counterpart, focusing more on apps and the most important Play Store sections only.

The new Play Store design may not be for everyone, but at least some of the useful old elements were kept. The omnibar can still be found at the topmost portion of the page, and the Settings cog is still there near the top-right corner of the screen. In any case, you should at least give the new look a try before you pass judgment on it yourself.

David Gonzales
David is a mobile computer geek who firmly believes that in order to stay healthy, one needs to eat daily doses of gadgets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Join him as he indulges his passion for technology and fascination with all things Android.
  • AndroidShiz

    Looks good but they removed the ability to uninstall apps from the website. (you can still install) Also if you have several devices on your account, you used to be able to see which apps are on which devices and now you can’t do that anymore either, at least not that I could see anyways.

  • King-Podigy-X


  • what the fuck it’s really horrible and not responsive

  • Andrew Tan

    Superb slow! OMG! I click My Apps and it just DEAD there!

  • Maher Salti

    still no option to see all your “bought” apps.

    performance is crap as well compared to the old one

  • dNj

    The new design is flawed when viewing the store (web) on my Nexus 7. The menu on the left side scrolls with the page, covering up text.

  • Albin

    A bit laggy. More important going to My Apps, unlike the old site, it has mushed together the apps I’ve removed with the ones that are installed, and it does not show the ones with updates.

    There is a “wishlist” I don’t recall before, which would be a good way to save apps I want to remember. Takes a lot more scrolling because columns have been removed. Additional Information should specify if the app can be moved microSD card along with the size – it’s ridiculous to have to install it to find out.

  • MasterMuffin

    “The new Play Store design may not be for everyonem=”

    The new web Play Store is faster (thanks to something called WebP and AJAX), that’s all I need because I rarely use it

  • Влатко Стојанов

    Where is My android apps, Google? -_-

  • Eric Cartman

    Why are tech writers so clueless? %90 of articles don’t even see the major flaws in My Apps.

  • GR

    This redesign went in the wrong direction. Bigger tiles? Are you kidding me? So the only way to find out which apps I have on my phone (or uninstall them) is to go to my phone and not the website using my PC? Google quickly getting rid of useful features.

  • Yan Kar

    New App store on the web is junk, it’s amazing that google goes the bad way, time to switch from google to something else.
    They are emoving functionallity for some primitive design that will be changed in a few shorts month. Idiots.