Google expands availability of All Access and Play Books

by: Kristofer WoukJuly 17, 2013


One of the biggest complaints lobbed at the Google Play Store is that a lot of its content isn’t available in certain parts of the world. Today’s update doesn’t totally fix that problem, but it’s still very welcome.

One of the main things that Android Authority readers lamented when Google Play Music All Access was announced was that it wasn’t available outside of the U.S. Those of you who live in Australia and New Zealand will be pleased to know that All Access is now available to you. That still leaves a lot of our readers without access (pardon the pun), but hey, it’s a start right?

Play Books has expanded its global reach as well, adding the Czech Repubilc, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania to the list of countries in which the service is available.

While this isn’t the “everything, everywhere” situation that we’re sure a lot of you would be happy to see, that would be essentially impossible. It’s nice to see that more people throughout the world are getting access to different sorts of media, and we can only hope that the goodness will be making its way to more of you soon.

What content in the Google Play Store is most vital to you? Is there anything not currently available in your country that you’d like to see?


    We need Google Music here in Canada

    • kascollet

      And here in Europe !

      • John-Phillip Saayman

        And Africa

        • Sharath

          And in India

          • aj

            and in afghanisthan

  • Haymaker

    Still waiting for Google Magazines in Germany

  • cristian donose

    Finally something new to Romania… Wished it was music but is ok at least Books.

    • Dee Norbert

      Yes but we dont have Play Music and Play Movies.Google no love for Romania :(

      • cristian donose

        I know, this sucks. Not interested in books so much.

        • Dee Norbert

          We need need netflix too.

          • cristian donose

            We need alot of things, very few services are available in Romania. Missing Spotify, Rdio, Netflix, Xbox just o name few…

          • Dee Norbert

            Yeah.Spotify and Netflix is all I want.But not the companies are the problem the governement.

      • Nasko Hristov

        We Bulgarians didn’t get the Books, so you could be worse, be happy of what you have.

  • Axel

    Nothing in Argentina. That is where iOS is kicking it.

  • Jake Green


    • Misti curia

      Same here in aus

  • Sander94

    Finland is thanking you!

  • Cristi13

    Yey Romania, so we all not all forgotten afterall.

  • Khalil

    In Egypt we only have apps… no books, no music, no movies, no nothing. Infact paid apps were just allowed in the Egyptian play store not so long ago. it’s a shame to see that only apps are allows in the play store while android dominates the smartphone market in Egypt.

  • melhiore

    I’m actually shocked that ALL MUSIC is not yet available in the UK…

    • Richard

      I’m not, I’d put it down to music licencing and royalties rather than Google not wanting to get it out in the UK. These things always seem to hold up music services in the UK. It is really annoying though.

  • Tarek Assaf

    I currently live and work in Qatar, only applications are available on Google Play.
    On the other hand movies, series, music, books, and applications are available on the i-Tunes store.

  • akosmas

    I guess Greese is Greece……..
    I don’t know what’s the price range of books in US, but 5-12 euros(7-16$) is quite expensive here in GreeCe for an ebook .Buying a real book can be cheaper.

  • mousi

    It’s Greece, not Greese… I prefer books than music :)

  • penguin00xx

    I’m missing TV shows here in germany

  • Bone

    Nice. Now ship those damned Nexuses!!!

  • Funes Bubble

    Nothing in Ukraine. We have apps only.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      Same in South Africa. We only got apps. Would’ve like music and books and devices

  • Rajkumar

    music and magazines and Devices are missing in INDIA

    • Rajkumar

      and TV shows

    • chirag

      Devices are already there.

  • Kevin

    Need it in the UK, also kind of hoping they do some sort of promotion like they did in the states for early adopters

  • Shawn

    Don’t understand why neither service is available in Singapore yet.
    With the smartphone penetration rate here, it’s just plain weird.

  • Justin Rebar

    It would be nice if they expanded it to all music that is in the play store too. All their music isnt available through All Access.

  • karam

    Shame on Google.. The whole play store is blocked and not available in my country ( Syria) ..even apps …not available. we have to search for other sources, thus, endanger our devices of malwares and other bad untrusted apps.. Shame on you Google.

  • Pedro Majano

    Did you know that if you set up your account in a pc inside the usa, you can then use it anywhere… (LOG ME IN)… just saying… it worked for me…