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The Google Play Store is off to a great 2013. According to new data from App Annie, Q1 2013 app revenue was up 90 percent from Q4 2012. Another interesting fact is that 90 percent of apps downloaded on the Play Store were also in the Apple App Store.

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Japan and South Korea are the top two countries for app revenue growth, knocking the U.S. down to number three.

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The U.S. still leads in app downloads, while Russia is quickly closing in on the top three countries.

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Unsurprisingly, games drive the most revenue. In the first quarter of 2013, 80 percent of all Google Play app revenue was from games. Paid “Communication” and “Social” apps are 2nd and 3rd, with “Tools” and “Productivity” rounding out the top 5.

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Based on downloads across the top categories, “Games” remain number one. Closing out the list, “Social” moves up a notch to number five.

Google Play

While increased Google Play app revenue is especially encouraging to Android developers, iOS still leads with 2.6 times higher app revenue. However, compared to Q4 2012, that number has gone down from four times higher app revenue. Android is quickly bridging the gap!

Google made a big effort recently to improve the Play Store. Not only were 60,000 apps removed in the month of February, but a brand new design is rolling out to users over the coming weeks.

Mike Stenger
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  • dogulas

    Beat them Google. Beat them until they cry for mercy. Or perhaps more shockingly, until they lower their prices. You know who I’m talking about.


      Google will never beat Apple :)

  • Jim

    Would like to see the all the revenue for Android developers in one chart vs the iOS app store. Or even just the Amazon App store + Play store vs iOS app store.

    • There’s an app revenue chart for Google Play and the App Store towards the end of the post.

  • APai

    android will prevail shortly. the google play store is catching up in terms of content of different types, and the google store does not have the full complement of content/ services across the globe. once it is there, it should easily match or beat apple.

  • Patrick Herendeen

    The new Play store looks absolutely ridiculous. I hate it. The design used to be sleak and user friendly and now it looks like they’ve borrowed a web page from 1998. I love Android but come on guys.

    One of these days Bill Gates is going to get a wild hair and buy everything Google then we’ll be back to the good ole Microsoft – Apple war. I say someone with real cohenes come along and slap down some new amazing tech the world hasn’t seen and make it so affordable and user friendly that it changes the world of technology, and makes all these monopoly men to shake in their Ferrari’s..