Check the Google Play Store – lucky users getting 80% app discounts

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 26, 2016


Have you opened the Google play Store today? You may be in for a treat. Reddit user eagle3000 ran across an Easter-themed banner that offered him a special 80% discount on “a top app or game”.

Don’t go crazy just yet, though. It seems this offer is a bit more exclusive than we would wish. For starters, it is specific to Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia. On top of that, not every single user is getting the offer. And if you are, it may not be for the same apps as another lucky Android phone owner.

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The terms mention the list of discounted apps depends on previous purchases. We have no clue what this exactly entails, but you may get lucky and enjoy a cool game or app this Easter for a very low price.

An 80% discount is no chump change, so if you live in one of these markets you should definitely give it a try. Go hit the Google Play Store and find out if you can join the party! Then join your fellow Android users in the comments section and share your experiences. Which apps can you get for 80% off?

  • James A Parr

    Sounds like a reward to me…

  • Wolf0491

    If I got it I would buy final Fantasy nine immediately

  • Simon

    I have spent a grand total of £2030.78 ($2881. 41) in the Play Store GULP!. I’m in the UK and can’t see it so if it is based on past buying history it may well be people that haven’t bought much before.

    • Armaan Modi

      Does that include iAPs too?

      • Simon

        I don’t really spend much on IAP’s unless it is to unlock an app. I don’t buy IAP’s for games for example. Therefore, money spent are on seperate apps etc. I think I must own half of the play store :-/

        • Armaan Modi

          Hmm..does the amount include Google Opinion Rewards as well?

  • Andrew Levie

    Are we sure this story is true as nothing here in the UK ?

    • Cakefish

      Yes, it’s true. I’m in UK and I see the banner in the Play Store

    • DaHitman


  • Cakefish

    I see it here in UK. I’ve got a choice of Lara Croft GO, Nova Launcher Prime (already purchased), Monument Valley, Facetune, djay 2, Machinarium, Weather Pro (already purchased), Prune and Toca Lab.

  • DaHitman

    I see it but don’t want out