Redesigned Google Play Store starts rolling out today, features card-based UI

by: Andrew GrushApril 9, 2013

Google Play

Over the last few months we’ve heard quite a bit about a rumored Google Play redesign, and just last weekend a newly leaked screenshot of Google PlayStore 4.0 hit the web. Now Google has come forward and confirmed the update is in fact real and on its way starting sometime today.

The latest redesign of Google Play updates the store to better fit with other Android features and services, including Google Now and Google Search. Gone is the somewhat drab UI of old, and in comes a cheerier card-based interface that places a bigger focus on images and simplicity of design.

Outside of the new UI changes, Google also revealed that similarly themed content will be grouped together making it easier to find what you are looking for. The official Android blog also mentions that the checkout experience has also been updated to make the purchasing or renting as simple as possible.

Google Play

The changes don’t end at there. In February roughly 60,000 less-than-stellar apps were removed from the Play Store. This shows that Google is not only working to make it easy to find content through its new card UI, they are also working to remove dead weight and ensure that only the best apps are offered through the Play Store.

The update will be available to any phone or tablet running Android 2.2 or newer. As for arrival timeframe, some lucky folks will probably get the new store design today, but due to the tremendous amount of strain this update will put on Google’s servers, the company cautions it might be a few weeks before a full worldwide rollout can be achieved.

  • Ivan Myring

    Download it from android police

  • Brian Patterson

    I like the UI better and purchasing or installing apps is way better. But still no purchased section in my apps!? What’s there reasoning for not allowing us to view our purchased applications? Probably some devious study that shows people are less willing to buy more apps when they realize how much Mk eyes they already spent…

  • Jared

    Once again Google copies Apple. Apple switched to a card based App Store in iOS 6.

    • Austin Stark

      Google is moving trying to get the play store match with other services like Google Now, which uses the same card based ui, which, guess what, was announced at about the same time as IOS6. I highly doubt this is Google copying Apple, it’s just them trying to prevent fragmentation within the operating system.

  • Jared

    Once again Google copies Apple. Apple switched to a card based App Store in iOS 6.

  • mat

    Good news for Ireland after update to new version of playstore you can buy music NOW :)

  • Sharath

    Couldn’t wait,installed it and loving it! :)

  • Jordan Awkward

    Lol got it on my phone which is gingerbread before my nexus 7