Google Play Music receives update, allows you to share tracks from Now Playing screen

by: Bogdan BeleMay 30, 2013

Google Play Music

The Google Play Music app has been recently updated, adding a series of useful tweaks to the user experience.

While it may not look like a huge update, what’s been improved can be very helpful in your everyday use of the app (and I’m sure you’ve started to use it even more if Google Play Music All Access is available in your country).

First of all, the app now has the option to delete tracks, so you can get rid of the songs you’re not listening to straight from the app, freeing some space on your device in the process. Another useful thing is that you now have the ability to add a song to a playlist straight from the Now Playing screen, useful especially if you’re into creating playlists for various occasions.

You can now also share a song from that same Now Playing screen, allowing you to show your friends on Google+ what you’re listening to, providing them with a preview of the track, as well as a link that allows them to buy it in an instant, as you can see in the screenshot below.

google play music

Finally, you can also remove items from your Library.

Are you a Google Play Music user? Do you find the new update useful?

  • GoogleMusicFan

    Good update, the app is becoming very cool upgrade after upgrade… I just miss lyrics, at the very least for the albums purchased directly from google play. It´d be nice that the artists had the option of publishing their lyrics along with the music. If there was an option to add lyrics sources, that´d be awesome, but I can see legal issues involved…

    Also, very nice song choice in the article! ;-)

  • Timmy

    My favorite part of the update has been the way it constantly runs in the background when I don’t ever open the app. Even after stopping the process, it comes back and eats up my already limited RAM. How awesome is that!!!!
    I’m hoping the next update will cause music to start playing at random times, like in a library or movie theatre. Sweeeet!

    • Jas

      Yeah, it happens to mine as well.. thought it was on my device only.. So a few of us have the same issue.. Hope we’ll get a fix soon.